Republican voters say congressional mobs do not represent them, and more accuse Biden of influence on Trump: polls

Most Republican voters did not think that the rioters at the Capitol on January 6 represented the Republican Party.Most people also think that the Democratic president Joe Biden More responsible for causing the riots than the former president of the Republican Party Donald Trump.

Approximately 70% of Republican voters disagree with the statement that “the person who broke into the U.S. Capitol on January 6 is a representative of the Republican Party.” The percentage is taken from the results of a public opinion poll released by the market research company Morning Consult on Monday.

About 40% of voters, regardless of party affiliation, said that the rioters did not represent the Republican Party. In contrast, 17% of Republican voters said that the rioters represented the Republican Party, while 47% of voters, regardless of party affiliation, expressed the same view.

A recent poll found that most Republican voters did not believe that the thugs in the Capitol on January 6 represented the Republican Party. In addition, more Republican voters blamed Democratic President Joe Biden instead of former Republican President Donald Trump for being responsible for the riots. In this photo, Trump supporters clashed with police and security forces during a roadblock attack on the U.S. Capitol in Washington, DC on January 6, 2021.
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The polls also showed that Republican voters accused Biden and Democratic Party in Congress For riots, they blame Trump or members of Congress more Republicans.

Although 30% of Republican voters blamed Trump for the riots, 41% blamed Biden. Another 22% blamed Congressional Republicans, and 52% blamed Congressional Democrats.

The poll surveyed 1,995 registered voters between June 18 and 20. The resulting margin of error is plus or minus 2%.

Morning Consult asked Republican voters the same question about the responsibility for the riots in early January. At that time, 41% blamed Trump, 42% blamed Biden, 34% blamed Congressional Republicans, and 48% blamed Congressional Democrats.

In June, when all voters (regardless of political parties) were asked who was most responsible for the riots, 61% blamed Trump, 27% blamed Biden, 50% blamed Congressional Republicans, 33 % Blamed the Democrats in Congress.

A June poll found that 68% of Republican voters agreed with this statement, “People are too concerned about the event held in the U.S. Capitol on January 6.” Other respondents who agreed accounted for 41% of all voters, and Democratic voters’ 23% and 36% of independent voters.

In contrast, 21% of Republican voters believe that they have not paid too much attention to the riots. About 50% of voters, 70% of Democratic voters and 51% of independent voters feel the same way.

In January, House impeaches Trump for inciting riotsTrump has repeatedly unfounded claims that the 2020 election was taken away by an unprecedented nationwide voter fraud scheme.

A few hours before the riots, Trump addressed thousands of supporters at the “Stop Stealing” rally.Many people arrested on suspicion of participating in the riots said They invaded the Capitol because they believed Trump.

Five people were killed in the uprising and about 140 policemen were injured.Police injuries include Spine fracture, loss of an eye, loss of a finger, brain injury And many cases of post-traumatic stress disorder. Since the uprising, two congressional police officers have committed suicide.

During the looting of the Capitol, the mob tried to enter the Congress Hall by breaking windows, smearing feces in the corridors and stealing computer equipment, which may constitute National security breach.

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