15 famous fictional bars in TV history

One of the most reliable signs of the success of TV series is to provide viewers with an immersive, universally realistic experience. Providing fascinating characters and storylines are key elements, but location is one of the most important means of creating a concentrated atmosphere or feeling for the show. For generations, bars—whether it’s cheap universities, diving, high-end lounges, or clubs—have provided space for characters on TV to laugh, cry, or simply stop.

To celebrate the heritage of the famous fictional area, Stacker Looking back, 15 iconic TV bars were selected. Choose programs from various genres and decades. These locations are ideal tools for character participation and development, interesting scenes and alternative backgrounds. The bar is a mature setting with colorful backgrounds and secondary characters—not to mention the occasional weird situations.

Here are some of the most famous puddles that have played a key role in the narratives of some very famous TV shows.

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Paddy’s Bar

This Philadelphia is always sunny Hangouts are the central place of the show’s circle of friends, known as Gang. This is an Irish pub that is always struggling, owned by the collective. Throughout the series, countless pranks have occurred in Paddy’s Pub, from talent shows and children’s beauty contests to adult entertainment and unforgettable “games.”


There is no real or fake bar more famous than Cheers on the planet. The bar is not only a place where “everyone knows your name”, but also the place of the same name in the series where it appeared. The series (and the appearance of the bar in real life) is set in Boston, and the interior of the bar is the background for most of each episode. The characters spend most of their time chatting, drinking and hanging out in this space, which is basically the protagonist of the series.

Moe Bistro

Homer Simpson’s favorite meeting place is as infamous as the Simpson house itself. Moe’s is a frequent place for Barney Gumble and other characters. An early gimmick in the series was Bart Simpson calling a bar and asking for a person with an empty name, which caused Moe to look for this person and be laughed at by his customers. This tavern has appeared in many episodes, including another one where Moe turned it into a gay bar, and his predecessor as a pet shop to circumvent the laws of the temporary prohibition era.

how I Met Your Mother
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how I Met Your Mother Fans often see this bar, especially the staff sitting in a booth talking about their lives.In one episode, Lily participated in a large-scale Eating hot dog contest Stand up with a big belly. In fact, actor Alyson Hannigan (Alyson Hannigan) is pregnant.

Gem salon

This Dead wood Saloon plays an important role in Western drama, which is about Deadwood, South Dakota in real life. It is based on The Gem Theatre, a salon in the late 1800s that provides entertainment for miners through different performances, fights and other entertainment methods. In the show, the gem salon includes a group of sex workers, making the location a brothel frequented by its characters. Season 2 includes a battle in which two men fight and fall on the balcony of the salon.

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Bang Bang Bang

This Twin Peaks Haunting is where the characters of the show like to gather. The bar, called Roadhouse, is where Laura and Donna secretly meet with the big boy. Cyclists hang out and various people stand in the middle of the stage to perform. In this drama, this is a omnipotent place that brings together people from all walks of life.

Ubi Star Trek
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Ten forward

Bars even exist on the final boundary. The lounge is located on Deck 10. It is a place for the crew to relax, drink, eat and even play games. Ten Forward is a venue for many events such as weddings, ceremonies and even birthday parties.The famous actor Guinan played by Whoopi Goldberg may be Star Trek The role most related to the bar, as the person who runs it.

Drunk clam

What hasn’t happened to drunk clams?Peter Griffin’s party otaku It’s where he and his friends Joe, Quagmire and Cleveland sit in the same stall and drink a lot of beer. There have been several famous incidents in the Quahog meeting place, including Brian and Stewie getting drunk, Peter falling from the roof and killing Joan Cusack, and God trying to impress women while burning the place to ashes.

Snake Cave Lounge

This Parks and leisure The rebate is in Pawnee’s place. This is a meeting place for locals, including some of the main colleagues of the show. In the episode “Woman of the Year”, Tom Haverford, with the help of several other employees of the Parks and Recreation Department, purchased part of the property from the owner, Freddie. The lounge is called “Pawnee’s most pathological nightclub.”

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Kavanaugh Bar

wire Is the most Beloved show All the time. The show sneaked into the streets of Baltimore through the eyes of various groups, including law enforcement officers, drug dealers, the government, and journalists. Therefore, it is not surprising that a key location in the series is a bar, especially where the police gather. After the detective was killed during the mission, homicide officer Jay Landsman held several wake-up calls here.

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Ba Da Bing

In this club, besides exotic dances, there are many more. Bada Bing is the source of several characters Sopranos Conduct business in the background and similar operations. Several incidents occurred in the club, including Silvio Dante being shot in the parking lot and Christopher Moltisanti taking heroin overdose in the bathroom. phrase”Eight soldiers“From godfather The role Sonny Corleone.

Tropical Botanical Garden

Tropicana plays a frequent and important role in classic sitcoms I love lucy. Here, musician Ricky Ricardo serves as the band leader and performer (later as manager and boss), providing some wonderful performances. But what fans really like is Lucy’s many lively performances. His wife wants to pursue an acting career but has no knack for acting. This is where Lucy famously told Ricky that she was going to have a baby.

Intern Grey
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Emerald City Bar

This Intern Grey The bar is in the perfect location for the drama series: just across the street from Graceron Memorial Hospital. The medical professionals who rotate on the show often go there to hang out and relax from the endless stress (and drama) of their lives. Emerald City Bar also had its own crazy moments, including Joan’s car hitting a window and hurting some doctors.

Regal Beagle

Favorite meeting place for Janet, Chrissy and Jack Three companies It is a cold bar with a lot of history in the series. Here, the trio can have fun together, take some time to relax, or satisfy the interest of love. Jack even worked as a bartender at one time. Roommates also often meet the Ropers who manage their apartment building, which is more than they thought.

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Rossi’s Bar

PasteThe Korean bar outside the base is where its characters go to drink and enjoy food. It focused on the episode “Rosie’s Night”, when Hawkeye, Scully and BJ drank a lot of alcohol and decided to make the bar their own country. For the soldiers, this is a peaceful place in war.Fictional bar honor Rose bar, A real place, was widely known in the U.S. military during the Korean War.

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