YouTube resumes right-wing observations, saying the ban was a mistake

A few hours after the Progressive Media Watch Group Right Wing Observation stated on Monday that they were permanently banned from uploading content on YouTube, the video-sharing platform resumed the organization’s channel and stated that the ban was just a “mistake”.

A YouTube spokesperson told Weekly newspaper On Monday afternoon, “Right Wing Watch’s YouTube channel was erroneously suspended, but after further review, it has now been restored.” The company added that the error may be due to too much content, but they tried to act quickly to revoke the wrong ban.

Right Wing Watch stated that YouTube notified them that they will be suspended from using the platform for violating the company’s community guidelines and will resume in a few hours.

The media watchdog organization operates as a project of the freedom advocacy organization “Road to America” ​​and regularly publishes video clips to expose the extremism of right-wing politicians, missionaries, and other figures to an audience of tens of thousands of subscribers.

Earlier Monday, Right-Wing Watch issued several statements online criticizing YouTube’s so-called ban.

Right-wing Watch said in a statement earlier on Monday: “Our efforts to expose paranoid views and dangerous conspiracy theories spread by right-wing activists have now resulted in @YouTube banning our channel and deleting thousands of our videos.” “We tried to appeal this decision, but YouTube refused.”

After YouTube’s announcement, the organization issued a statement saying they were “very happy” YouTube Restored their channel. Despite this, the organization admitted that they have been involved in a years-long struggle with YouTube over the use of extremist content.

The statement said: “We are very pleased that by restoring our account, YouTube acknowledges our position that there is a world of difference between reporting offensive activities and implementing these activities.”

“We hope this is the end of a years-long struggle with YouTube to understand the nature of our work. We also hope that the platform will become more transparent in the process used to determine whether users are violating its rules, which has always been Has been opaque and led to frustrating and inexplicable decisions and reversals, such as what we are experiencing today. We remain committed to exposing far-right threats and harmful activities, and we are happy to provide us with YouTube again to continue our work.”

Kerman Tila, a senior researcher at Right Watch, said on Monday that the problem between YouTube and the organization had escalated in the past year as the platform tried to monitor information related to COVID-19 and the 2020 presidential election. NBC News reports.

Mandila stated that the project received two “strikes” from YouTube in April for editing of election-related conspiracy theories, and then received a third “strike” earlier this month for a period of 8 years. Religious broadcasters condemned the videos of homosexuals.

He told the news media: “They can’t distinguish between those who try to promote this thing and those who try to document and refute it. This is the core of the problem.”

After the channel was restored, the organization added on Monday: “We remain committed to exposing far-right threats and harmful activities, and we are happy to make YouTube available to us again to continue our work.”

YouTube said on Monday that it had erroneously prohibited the progressive media watchdog Right Wing Watch from uploading content on its platform. The YouTube logo outside the London YouTube Space studio on June 4, 2019.
Orly Curtis/Future/Getty Images

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