Video of octopus showing drawing skills at the Tampa Aquarium is widely circulated

This art octopus Let Pablo Picasso compete for his money.

A sweet video of cephalopods “painting” on canvas with tentacles aquarium Caregiver is gone Viral Online and with her skills left a deep impression on marine life lovers.

The Florida Aquarium in Tampa posted the video to their social media accounts on Sunday afternoon. As part of the Cephalopod Week at the facility, the team decided to plan an event to stimulate the octopus, which was identified as the giant Pacific octopus Farallon Instagram Comment thread.

The video starts with a caregiver in Farallon and shows the camera a canvas dotted with blue paint. In order to allow Farallon to “paint” without water damage to the canvas, a plastic film was placed on top.

Farallon swam close to the edge of her tank fence and asked her guard to place one of her tentacles on the canvas. When the aquarium staff acted as an easel to support the canvas, Farallon used her limbs to spread the paint under the plastic wrap.

The video ended with a Farallon wandering, and the caretaker showed two colorful paintings created by the aquarium’s talented cephalopods.

“There is no better way to end #CephalopodWeek with an octopus enrichment drawing course,” the aquarium captioned the video. They also pointed out that viewers who comment will have a chance to win paintings created by Farallon.

An “art” octopus at the Florida Aquarium amazed online audiences with its impressive drawing skills.
Jeffrey Greenberg/Universal Imaging Group/Getty Images

Halley Miller, a biologist at the Florida Aquarium, and Weekly newspaper Farallon knows many activities that stimulate her body and mind.

“Like all giant Pacific octopuses, the Florida Aquarium’s [giant Pacific octopus] Farallon is a very smart creature,” Miller said. “Enriching activities is the key to the best animal welfare, so the professional nursing team provided her with a variety of activities from puzzles to painting.

“This is the first time we showed this to Farallon [painting] Activities,” Miller told Weekly newspaper“She likes canvas very much; she uses her arms and suction cups to push the paint.”

Online audiences are attracted by Farallon’s artistic talent. “How smart they are, how do they change colors to blend in with their surroundings,” an audience member reflected on Instagram. “He or she did a great job. Love it,” another added.

“As a scuba diver, I have had many interesting encounters with octopuses. I like their funny and curious little personality the most. They like to check divers and sometimes even give you an octave five or ET touch. Lucky!” An enthusiastic audience shared Facebook. “[Octopi] He is a liar, a shapeshifter and an almighty rock star. When I see an octopus in the wild, I will remind you that you don’t have to go to outer space to see aliens. “

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To commemorate Cephalopod Week, the Florida Aquarium released interesting facts and Farallon clips during the week. The aquarium pointed out that she was stimulated “mentally and physically” through a variety of rich exercises, including watching video clips of other marine life and ultrasound training.

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