HyperLaunchToken project summary interview | Capital | Capital | June 2021

Now, can you introduce the achievements of HyperLaunchToken so far and what are you most proud of in the history of the project?

We are proud of our community and more than 350 wallet holders who have been waiting a long time for developers to find someone to market. We have a clear path to marketing strategy and use the coin to list on CoinGecko and CMC. We don’t like to be anxious for success, and the members are also anxious for the whale. We have achieved good results and will easily break this situation next month.

Now, let us quickly review the future of HyperLaunchToken. For example, what new things do you want to bring to life, and what does this mean for the entire project?

If we reach 5k wallet holders and start the test platform at the same time, we will restart. This allowed the platform to pass a good big run test. During the testing phase, members can create, learn, explore, and test their coins. We want you to complete everything you need or have to create coins on the same platform. Therefore, the new coin creator will have all possible options for success and get help from experts in the simplest way. After the test platform is up and running well, the main platform will be launched and we will focus on the listing part of the larger exchange.

Tell us about your team. Who is behind the scenes?

The team consists of 4 members, 1 marketer, and 3 developers who created the coin to make a breakthrough on the ico publishing platform. In addition to their school exams in the crypto world, the developers are still creating this token.

So far, what partnerships has HyperLaunchToken participated in, and which partnerships have the most influence?

We currently do not have any partnerships. We are working on a list of the best options for the test platform. We have applied for listing on Coingecko en CMC.

Now technically speaking, what are coin indicators and how do these indicators lead to a stable and balanced system?

Our token metrics are based on wallet holders, the longer you hold, the more you will be rewarded. We also burned a lot of fees, and creators have no separate fees.

At the time of sale, an 8% fee is automatically added to the liquidity pool.

A 5% fee is automatically distributed to all holders.

80% were burned during launch.

We conducted a stealth launch to avoid robots joining and crying loudly when joining and relaunching

We restarted to grow in the test platform so that we can finalize it in the best condition when switching to the main platform.

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