“These people have been here for a month”

An Arizona woman shared photos of some unusual tenants, and her photos went viral on the Internet.

A group of young bobcats-known as Ignite-occupy the front porch of Kate Smith’s Mesa home. On Friday, she posted a photo of three kittens sleeping in front of her house.

“So this is my front porch now,” Smith captioned the photo Twitter.

The image of the sleeping cat went viral on the Internet, with more than 291,000 likes, 23,000 retweets, and 4,000 comments. People agreed with the cuteness of the Bobcats and their strange nest choices.

The three cats in the picture not only spend the night at Smith’s house; they live on her front porch.

“These people have been here for a month,” Smith told KPNX, a local radio station in Arizona. “Someone told me that once the cubs are old enough to hunt on their own, they should move on, but they have been here for a while.”

Smith posted more photos of wild cats in her tweet comments. Twitter users asked for more Lynx content, and Smith posted several photos of Lynx around her home. A photo taken from the inside of the house shows a person looking at the house by the window.

Other photos show cats loitering in trees and hanging out on garden walls. Commenters shared photos of their own unwelcome guests, but not always unwelcome guests. Companions of squirrels, snakes, birds, raccoons, bears, lizards, moose and bobcats were posted in response to Smith.

On October 20, 2011, Keenesburg, Colorado, a rescued bobcat waits for feeding in a wildlife sanctuary. A group of bobcats turned the porch of Arizona women into their home.
John Moore/Getty Images

Smith said on Twitter that she didn’t try to touch or pick them up because she didn’t want her mother to leave them behind.

According to a local TV station, when Kindle started wandering around, she called the game and fish department in Arizona. Due to their nature, if wildcats are removed by the hunting and fish department, they may not survive the relocation, which is considered a last resort.

“The answer they gave me was that if you take them out of their territory, they usually can’t survive, so I said,’Oh, forget it,” Smith said. “They have territories, so if you put them in places they are not familiar with, they usually won’t succeed.”

She said she must warn neighbors and delivery drivers not to come to the front porch. She hung up a sign, asking people to stay away from the kindle.

“All neighbors and family members know not to come to the front door,” she said. “Our dog has been grounded at this time.”

People who saw this photo on the Internet suggested that Smith give them water, but she told KPNX that she didn’t want them to be too comfortable on her porch.

“Everyone said, God, give them water. But Game and Fish told me not to give them water because you don’t want to make them comfortable,” she said.

According to the Arizona Department of Hunting and Fish, if she feeds or waters them, these cats may be too dependent on the porch or Smith to return to the wild.

According to the Prey and Fish Department, bobcats do not pose a threat to humans and do not often attack people unless they are overly aggressive or suffer from rare conditions of rabies.

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