Adam Kinsinger accuses Kevin McCarthy of resurrecting Trump’s election lies

Republican House of Representatives Adam Kinsinger Illinois House Minority Leader says Kevin McCarthy The president before the resurrection “has a great responsibility” Donald Trumpof Baseless allegations of election fraud follow The deadly January 6th Congressional riots.

Kinsinger–Outspoken critics of fellow Republicans who are still loyal to Trump–Appear in CNN After sunday Trump rally in Ohio on Saturday, The former president during this period Restatement of widespread untrustworthy allegations of voter fraud.

When asked CNN News Room Whether the host Pamela Brown accused McCarthy of “allowing lies and conspiracy to grow in the Republican Party” after the 2020 election, Kinsinger replied: “Yes, I mean there are a lot of people to blame, but he took it. Serious responsibility because he gave a wonderful speech after the uprising, he said Donald Trump It’s blame and so on. “

During Trump’s second impeachment trial, lawmakers debated Trump’s role in inciting the attack on the Capitol. McCarthy, who opposed Trump’s impeachment, said that the former president was “accountable for the incident.” “. Kinzinger is among the 10 Houses Republicans Vote for the impeachment of Trump in January.

“we know [McCarthy] There was this position for about a week, and then he went to Sealake Manor, because most people are around the corner, if you can only raise funds,” Kingsinger said. “He took the oars and put them aside Donald. Trump, and resurrected him politically. “

“Before this, McCarthy was a bit like McConnell, “Who is this Trump you are talking about?” He continued, referring to the current Senate Minority leader Mickey McConnell“And I can tell you that my colleagues are waiting and ready to condemn the rebellion, but the second time Kevin went to Sea Lake Manor, everything changed and many people were silent.”

Brown then asked members of Congress whether public criticism of their own party had an impact on the face-to-face meetings with McCarthy and other Republican colleagues.

“Listen, I mean, Kevin, I think I’m my friend,” Kinsinger said. “But in fact, starting from January, it’s like, what are you going to do, what are you going to tell me, you know, there are some strategies behind denying that January 6th is true, and there are some reasons why most people deserve to deny the truth. ?”

“So look, I mean, is he still a friend? I thought, maybe, but I haven’t spoken to him for six months, so I think that may not be the case.”

Weekly newspaper The McCarthy office has been contacted for comments.

Kinsinger also reacted to the Senator’s previous appearance on CNN Mitromny Utah, who Compare the authenticity of Trump’s ongoing stolen election statement to professional wrestlingAnd added that more and more people realize that Trump’s narrative is “a lot of performance and bragging” but “nowhere to go.”

“I mean, I hope he is right, but many people I have talked to are angry with me for telling the truth-it used to be a very basic, low standard-true Yes, I really believe that Donald Trump was elected president again,” he said. “And what you saw yesterday was a cycle of all his old talking points. This is a rally of a failed president.”

“I mean, he is the first president to lose re-election in decades. I don’t know why these people go there. Essentially, in many cases, they just don’t worship a loser.”

Brown played a video of a Republican congressman Marjorie Taylor GreenKnown for preaching conspiracy theories, he told CNN that the Speaker of the House of Representatives Nancy Pelosi “Should” put her on New committee to investigate the Capitol attack.

“What do you think of the proposal there, do you want to join the committee?” Brown asked Kinsinger.

“Well, she has a lot of time, because she was deprived of the committee’s rights, so she really did nothing but traveled across the country and attacked people,” Kinsinger said, referring to the House vote to deprive Georgia women. The committee of members of parliament qualifies her for past inflammatory speech tasks.

“But—you know, came up with crazy conspiracy theories and tried to be famous, she did a good job of being famous, we all know her, so congratulations,” he continued.

“Will I serve? If asked, I will consider it,” the congressman said. “I hope it is fair, I hope to be able to pursue all the clues, but at this point I have not been asked, I am sure that Kevin McCarthy will not let me participate in it, I will continue to do my best no matter what. Understand the truth.”

On May 12, 2021, after House Republicans voted to remove Rep. Liz Cheney from the chairmanship of the Washington House Republican Conference, Rep. Adam Kinzinger spoke with reporters. .”
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