Ransomware attacks have become inevitable! | Author: Dwayne D’cunha | The Capital | June 2021

Colonial Pipeline, an oil pipeline system located in Houston, Texas, was attacked by ransomware on May 7. A fee of 75 Bitcoins ($4.4 million at the time) was paid to the hacker of “DarkSide,” a Russian-based criminal organization that claimed that the attack was just for money. It is believed that the organization stole 100 GB of data from the company’s servers the day before the malware attack. This is one of the largest oil infrastructure cyber attacks in the history of the United States. They interrupted nearly half of the fuel supply on the East Coast, resulting in a gasoline shortage in the Southeast. In addition, they provided a software application to restore their poorly performing network.

Not all hopes were dashed. A month later, US law enforcement officials announced that they had recovered $2.3 million worth of BTC tokens. This is due to the fact that FBI agents found a digital wallet to store payments. This also highlights the effectiveness of reporting to the FBI quickly to mitigate the damage caused by bad players. Although President Biden did not take any action because the organization is based in Russia, he said he would bring this matter to the attention of Vladimir Putin.

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