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EmberConf 2021 πŸ“†, Ember 3.24 version πŸ™Œ Want speakers, read the blog about understanding the parameters in the Glimmer component ✍️, announce the redesigned Ember blog πŸ“, the five RFCs for Ember 4.0 milestones πŸ’¬, last but not least Yes, the micro front end comes with Glimmer.js and single-spa πŸ”₯!

these years EmberConf It has been announced that it will be held from March 29th to 30th, 2021! EmberConf is a 2-day Ember lecture, conference and fun-it can be broadcast live almost anywhere. Want to give a speech at EmberConf? We are now accepting the proposal.

EmberConf is great because our speakers are great and you can be one of them. The Call for Papers (CFP) is public, initially blind, and has a collaborative process to help applicants improve their proposals.Proposal will pass 11:59 p.m. Pacific Time on January 31. understand more EmberConf 2021 CFP website.

There are many options for this year’s negotiations. The conference talk can be 30, 15, 10, or 5 minutes in total. Have any thoughts on talking? The EmberConf team will vote and review the conversation on a rolling basis, and will try to send feedback before the final evaluation. The earlier you submit, the more chance you will have to adjust your pitch and increase your odds. Sounds like a good plan for this weekend? ! πŸ“

Ember.js, Ember Data and Ember CLI version 3.24 will be released on January 7, 2021!please use Embers try Plugins to continuously test your project against the latest Ember version.

Contains Ember.js 3.24 Blueprint changes When Embers page title Has been installed, the interface becomes DeprecationOptions Need key for with since when using it deprecate(), And update Glimmer VM to version 0.65.0.

Features tryInvoke From @ember/utils The module has been deprecated and replaced by JavaScript’s optional chain ?. There are also various deprecations Ember.String Methods include Ember.String.loc Features.Please check Deprecation guide Get complete information.

Ember Data 3.24 includes a fix in which attempts to set something on a deleted record no longer display the value in the error message in the production environment.this is complete To prevent the disclosure of sensitive data.

Ember CLI 3.24 upgrades the packages existing in the package.json blueprint to the latest version, including major version changes ember-qunit to v5 with eslint-plugin-ember to v10. Plugins Embers page title It has also been added to the blueprint.Finally more beautiful (and eslint-config-prettier and eslint-plugin-prettier) are also added to the blueprint RFC #628.

Read the full text Ember 3.24 release notes Get complete information.

Chris Crichrycho (@chriskrycho) Wrote a blog post understanding args In the Glimmer component Focus on what happens when it happens Update to args.

Chris explained how the Glimmer component works when you remove all reactivity and only perform a single pass.This Low light component API Set up args Class in object constructor. This args The objects in the Glimmer component are also Read only Because it is a Private class field Simultaneous exposure to the getter.

class Component {
  #args: object;
  get args() {
    return this.#args;

  constructor(args: object) {
    this.#args = args;

The blog recommends never assigning from attributes args To the local class field in the Glimmer component, because changes to the parent are never reflected in the component. You should instead use the getter that is recalculated at call time.

Read the full blog post Chris’ blog.

Ember blog There is a new look and a new code base! The Ember blog was created 8 years ago, in 2012. It has been a custom Ruby application for many years, mainly for publishing blog posts. Today, the blog is the homepage of Ember Times, announcements, guest learning articles, etc., so a group of dedicated contributors set out to make some improvements. The blog is now an Ember application. At the bottom, it uses the same technology as the Ember guide. QueenThe Empress tool helps to convert Markdown to HTML in Ember applications, which means that you can write articles quickly using Markdown, and contributors can use all the excellent tools provided by Ember.

Please check out Blog Nowadays! Thank you very much for the contributors who worked on this project! πŸ‘

Have you found any problems? Want to help build future features?You can find the main repository at
Ember Learning/Ember Blog On GitHub. Most of the styles and components come from the shared component library used by all Ember public sites,
Embers style guide. This Queens Blog Embers Template
There is a lot of layout logic specific to this blog, and Queen’s Blog Generic application code that generally handles routing and data requests for blogs.

If you like what you see, you can Use Empress to make your own blog In about 10 minutes!

The Ember core team has been working hard to Ember 4.0 released. This week, on January 16th, four RFCs were merged, and Five RFCs enter the final comment period.

Currently, a total of 5 RFCs have been opened under the 4.0 milestone:

When you have time, check the unfinished RFC. Please feel free to share the link with other developers and participate in the RFC by providing feedback! 🌟

There is another great new product centered on Glimmer Blog post From Rajasegar Chandran (@rajasegar) About how to use Glimmer.js and single-spa to make a micro front end!

If you haven’t followed, Rajasegar has published many wonderful posts on dev.to, Many of which involve Glimmer.js.

This new article focuses on using Single Hot Spring Library Use Glimmer to build a micro front end.

Single-spa is a JavaScript router for front-end microservices that allows you to use multiple frameworks in a single-page application.For the integration with Glimmer, Rajasegar released a Single spa plugin This helps to inject multiple super fast Glimmer applications into a single page, which is impossible.

This setup is very experimental and cutting-edge, but it does show the flexibility of Glimmer and what you can do with it if you have a very specific use case.

Check out this great post and look for more great Glimmer content from Rajasegar in the future!

This week we want to thank Melanie Sumner (@MelSumner), Chad Hietala (chadhietala), Chiragpat (@chiragpat), Chris Wu (@chrisrng), Scott Newcomer (@snewcomer), Tim (@fozy81), Derek Wickern (@dwickern), Isaac Lee (@ijlee2), Ilya Lachenko (@knownasilya), Kategengler (@kategengler), Brian Mishkin (@bmish), Jane Weber (@jenweber), Jeff Daley (@jeffdaley), Jared Galanis (@jaredgalanis), John Del (@jderr-mx), Ricardo Mendes (@locks), Cyril David (@dcyriller), Robert Jackson (@rwjblue), Pawel kuwik (@czikarito), Nick Schot (@nickschot), Alon Bouquet (@Alonski), Chris Garrett (@pzuraq), @sandstrom, Robert Wagner (@rwwagner90), Kenneth Larsen (@kennethlarsen), Godfrey Chan (@chancancode), Daniel (@genisd), Thomas Wang (@xg-wang), Amy Lin (@amyrlam), @NullVoxPopuli, James Herdman (@jherdman), with Bert De Block (@bertdeblock) Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! πŸ’–

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