Apple’s iPad Air hits a record low of $539 at Amazon

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If you have been following the iPad but feel M1 iPad Pro Too much for your needs.Amazon sells the fourth generation again iPad Air Equipped with WiFi and a record 64GB storage space 539 USD, Well below its official label of $599.Since February, this tablet hasn’t reached this price, which means you don’t have to wait Golden day The score is a big deal. You will also see a special big discount for the 256GB Rose Gold Air, which is priced at $660 instead of the usual $749.

Buy iPad Air on Amazon-$539

The iPad Air will not be as fast as the latest Pro, but it is still one of the fastest tablets. You will also get strong battery life, and support for Magic Keyboard and the second-generation Apple Pencil. If you like the idea of ​​an 11-inch iPad Pro, but don’t need an M1, 120Hz display or a multi-camera setup, then you will get a very similar experience for less money.

In addition to these trade-offs, the main gain is still software. iPad Air can handle a large number of tasks normally reserved for laptops, but iPadOS 14 is still a mobile platform, not a complete desktop operating system replacement. iPad operating system 15 Multitasking should be improved, but you still need a traditional computer to perform many heavy tasks. That being said, the discounted iPad Air with Magic Keyboard is much cheaper than a regular keyboard. MacBook Air — If you are more interested in touch support and tablet flexibility than performance or complex software, then it is worth considering.

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