Lenovo’s $90 Smart Clock 2 includes a wireless charging pad

Lenovo is back with more smart clocks.It’s one of the few third-party companies that make Google Assistant displays. We are . Lenovo followed up , It’s basically a small alarm clock with speakers and microphone for you to talk to Google Assistant. This time, the company launched Smart Clock 2, which has some improvements over its predecessor, and the price is 10 dollars higher. In addition, it is also equipped with a wireless charging pad that allows you to charge compatible devices and double as a night light.

Like its predecessor, Smart Clock 2 is a 4-inch display, housed in a cute pyramid-shaped frame. It looks almost the same as the previous model, except that it now has a higher base below the screen. This is most likely because Lenovo moved the device’s speakers to the front, so they are now firing outwards, which is a good thing for people who put these clocks in front of a wall or on a shelf.

The fabric covering Smart Clock 2 is also almost the same as before, but there are two new colors to choose from: black and blue. They are all subtle tones and are enough to fit into most living spaces or bedrooms.

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

The most obvious hardware difference of the new smart clock is the addition of a wireless charging dock. It’s unclear whether this is everywhere-the press release said it was an optional accessory, but Lenovo told Engadget that the $90 price includes a pad. People in the United States may only be able to buy bundles instead of buying clocks on their own at a cheaper price.

Whether it comes with the mat or you choose to buy it, you will get a wireless charging surface for Qi-compatible devices. There is also a USB-A socket on the back edge for wired charging, because there is no longer a USB-A socket on the back of the screen. The left half of this base is reserved for the clock, it is connected and powered by a pogo pin. A small tube surrounds the base of the device, and it lights up when you lift the clock slightly.

Lenovo said a software update is coming soon, and you can also trigger the night light by swiping down on the screen. Both of these methods are designed to allow you to activate the light bulb without saying anything to your assistant, so you can avoid waking up when you need light to urinate at midnight.

The gray Lenovo Smart Clock 2 on the wireless charging base, with the screen facing the camera.The display shows the alarm page with text

Cherylnn Low / Engadget

When I checked Smart Clock 2 in a recent demonstration in New York, the software control was not available, but when I took the device out of the charger, the night light did turn on. It emits a soft light and is not dazzling at all in our meeting room, but I can imagine it will be very bright in a dark bedroom.

The remaining functions of Smart Clock 2 are almost the same as the original functions-swipe on the screen to view and set alarms, get weather forecasts, control your smart home devices, and more. You can choose a new dark theme to make the interface on the cornea at night easier, and Google Assistant can satisfy your verbal requests. If you don’t want the device to hear your voice, there is also a microphone mute switch, and like earlier models, there is no camera.

I have always been a fan of Lenovo Smart Clock, and I am very happy to see that this line has been loved by some people, even if it is in the form of small updates. Although I don’t use wireless charging often, and prefer to use the clock myself, I can see that I use it more for things like earplugs and smart watches. Priced at $90, Smart Clock 2 is not as attractive as the original version, but since it will only be available in September, we have time to wait until we have a review unit to judge whether the update is worth the price increase.

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