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Get your EmberConf speech proposal, TypeScript in the Ember guide, Ember storybook tutorial, build router components for Glimmer.js, and prototype with Ember as soon as possible.

Invite developers from all over the world Submit a speech proposal for EmberConf 2021!The deadline for submission is this Sunday, January 31, 11:59 p.m. EDT.

Have you learned something cool recently that you want to share? Do you want to improve your speaking and teaching skills? Have you built something that you are proud of?

This is your chance to share! The conversation is pre-recorded and the meeting is completely remote.

If you have any questions or need help, please visit #emberconf On the channel Community discord. good luck!

Ilya Lachenko (@knownasilya) Made a few introductory videos Typescript For your Ember.js application.

This First video By setting Embers cli typescript It installs various plug-ins that provide blueprints, types, and TypeScript dependencies themselves.It also added tsconfig.json file Provide compiler options To typescript.

This Second video Made an in-depth example of using TypeScript in Ember, such as making routes, controllers, and when to use actions and decorators. He also briefly introduced where to add global type declarations in your project and other techniques for using TypeScript in your Ember applications.

story book Already occupy the world Design system storm! What is a story book? Storybook can help you build UI components that are isolated from the business logic and context of your application. Kind of like “style guide as a service”.Look at the new Storybook of Ember Tutorial Guidance on setting up Storybook in the Ember app.

Thomas Gossman (@gossi) Spearheaded work on Ember + Storybook and wrote a supplementary blog post, Ember with Storybook – Behind the scenes. This post involves some ideas:

  • How Storybook and Ember became independent build pipelines
  • Options for writing Storybook documents in Markdown
  • The different strategies set by Storybook depend on your application architecture (e.g. monorepo and multirepo).

But wait, there is more-you can use @gossi’s open source Ember design system hokulea as a reference!

Already use Storybook in Ember, or plan to try it in your application?Be sure to check Official Storybook Document If you can, please contribute to the Ember section to further enrich it!

Rajasegar Chandran (@rajasegar) Wrote a blog about building routing components for applications built with Glimmer.js. Unlike Ember, which has built-in routing, Glimmer is just a rendering engine. Rajasegar’s blog describes how to implement routing for the Glimmer application. He talks about this routing system by constructing routing registry, routing components, link components and router components.

As a bonus, he also mentioned how to implement code splitting JS packages and lazy loading components.

Read more about Build router components for Glimmer.js If you have been looking for a router for your Glimmer app!

If you haven’t seen the recent simple Blog post from Florian Pickler (@pichfl) You might want to read about using Ember.js to build prototypes.

Florian’s post covers the approach they took during the build process Embers hotspot, A plug-in that can realize the prototype experience, many design-oriented software solutions are provided, but in the framework we all know and love, Ember.js! 🔥

This article delves into the details of how to create hotspots and effectively process images through preloading, and even discusses some of the Broccoli work involved.

If you are interested, please go to Simple blog And see more about ember-hotspots!

This week we want to thank Simon ihmig (@simonihmig), Robert Jackson (@rwjblue), Daniel (@genisd), Derek Wickern (@dwickern), Cyril David (@dcyriller), Alon Bouquet (@Alonski), Jared Galanis (@jaredgalanis), Steven (@smfoote), Amy Lin (@amyrlam), Ricardo Mendes (@locks), Chad Hietala (chadhietala), Scott Newcomer (@snewcomer), abhilashlr (@abhilashlr), Luke Melia (@lukemelia), Jane Weber (@jenweber), @BnitoBzh, Chris Wu (@chrisrng), Abilash Badri (@abadri), Robert Wagner (@rwwagner90), Ben Denboski (@bendemboski), Kategengler (@kategengler), Chiragpat (@chiragpat), Godfrey Chan (@chancancode), Edward Faulkner (@ef4), Sean Goresht (@srsgores), Chris Garrett (@pzuraq), Alex Kanunnikov (@lifeart), Thomas Wang (@xg-wang), James C. Davis (@jamescdavis), Pawel kuwik (@czikarito), Tobias Binek (@Turbo87), John Del (@jderr-mx), Isaac Lee (@ijlee2), Dave Combs (@davecombs), Bert De Block (@bertdeblock), Brian Mishkin (@bmish), Devin Weaver (@sukima), with Jeldrik Hanschke (@jelhan) Thanks for their contributions to Ember and related repositories! 💖

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