Telegram finally added group video call function

Long waiting for the group video call to come End of telegramUsing the latest version of Telegram’s iOS, Android and desktop applications, users can turn their group voice chats into video conference calls. You can choose to pin someone’s video source to your screen so that even when new participants join the call, they can remain in the front and center positions. Unsurprisingly, if you need to give a presentation or want to show something, you can share your screen. Here, you can choose to share your camera frame and screen at the same time.

With today’s release, group video calls are limited to the first 30 people who join the voice chat, but Telegram said that this number will increase “soon” as the voice chat function expands to support live events and other new features. You can participate in group video calls on your phone, tablet, and computer. On the latter device, Telegram will use the additional screen space they provide to give you a better understanding of what is happening. Specifically, on a tablet, you can open the side panel to see a split-screen view, which contains a grid of video participants and a list of everyone in the call.

Even without considering the fact that Telegram added group video calls later than many competitors, it has been a long time since the feature entered the messaging app. , Telegram said it will add group video calls later in the same year. The end of 2020 came and went, and there was no release.Then, almost a full year after the theme was originally announced, Telegram CEO Pavel Durov stated that the company will Release the tool sometime in MayObviously, Telegram also missed that deadline, but now that group video calls finally appear in the app, you have to imagine that many Telegram users will like this addition.

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