Video interview with CEO Simon Dössegger-Der Altcoinspekulant

Over a year Marc Bettinger (old altcoin speculator) introduced the startup Modum in a guest post at this time, which was a successful ICO. Since then, many things have happened to Modum: The product development of the first temperature monitoring solution has been completed and passed the Swiss Post test. Modum has been listed together with the first batch of customers, has established a partnership with SAP, and the company’s important structure and functions have been established. I had a chance to meet Simon Dös, CEO of ModumsecondEgger talks about Modum’s approach and future.

For the current event And represent myself: Binance recently announced (without prior discussion with Modum) that it will delist Modum on February 22, 2019, and the price will change within a short period of time. Give way to about 50%.I recommend anyone who still has tokenssecond The exchange must transfer them to the wallet before May 22. In addition, because the current price is very low-the market value is $4.3 million; approximately $13 million was collected in the 2017 ICO-and the fact that future dividends will be paid to token holders), it seems to me , You should consider not buying some more tokens as a long-term investment. In addition to Binance, Modum is currently listed on LATOKEN and can still be traded there.

-Lucas Federer

Disclaimer-Note on conflicts of interest: The author or a part of the author team invests in the above cryptocurrencies themselves or will invest in these cryptocurrencies (now by default, this will appear under each article because it may be invested in the article Time after publication).

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