I tried Krispy Kreme Xbox Donuts

I am ambivalent about cross-brand synergy—usually empty commercial transactions, stemming from some misleading beliefs that, yes, these two things work together to sell more… things.Microsoft-more specifically, Xbox-likes to combine its agate consoles with food companies, soft drinks and the rest. Only when Xbox One X was promoted in the U.S., there were Cooperation With Taco Bell, Doritos, mountain dew And, uh, Totino’s pizza rolls.

On the other hand, I also like Donut.

Engadget, Matt Smith

In the UK, the American doughnut company Krispy Kreme is celebrating the 20th anniversary of the Xbox and has launched an ice doughnut decorated to look like a console connection symbol. If you are willing to buy a box of 12, you will also get a code with a chance to win the X series. However, I live alone and have poor self-control, so I bought a box of three-for the photos, of course.

I don’t think green is a particularly appetizing color for pastries, but it promotes the brand to Xbox-kind of? The color seems closer to the green shade of Krispy Kreme, not as vivid as the almost lime Xbox logo. A thin layer of green icing has no taste, sprinkle with powdered sugar to show cooperation. Otherwise, yes, it is a soft and delicious yeast-fermented doughnut full of Krispy Kreme. I’m not here to debate cakes and yeast doughnuts-please let me know on Twitter.

Then I bite deeper.Maybe it’s Mountain Dew’s collocation With the passing of video games, But I am afraid of some kind of aggressive citrus jam/jelly or neon fudge nonsense. Fortunately, the opposite is: a thick and rich chocolate brownie fudge, very delicious but not overly annoying.

The limited-edition doughnuts will be on sale in the UK until August 22.

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