Citizen, a crime alert app, will connect users with security agents for $20 a month

The controversial crime alert app Citizen has opened its Subscription service for $20 per month To everyone in America. The Protect program has been beta tested with nearly 100,000 users and has 24/7 access to “a well-trained team of protection agents for citizens”, CEO Andrew Frame Wrote in a blog post.

If you are in a situation where it may not be safe to contact emergency services directly, these agents can call 911 for you. “If you share your location with Citizen Protect, agents can monitor your location in real time, provide emergency personnel, and help them get there faster by guiding them to your exact location,” Frame wrote. “While you wait for rescue to arrive, the protection agent will always continue to monitor you.”

If you are in trouble, the agent can notify your emergency contacts and keep them updated. Frame says they can also guide you to a safe place or provide assistance nearby when needed, or chat with you to give you peace of mind. If required by your scenario, the service can also alert other citizens in the area. Frame wrote: “Through the alerts generated by Protect, the power of the Citizen security network has been used to help dozens of families reunite with their missing relatives and pets.”

Users can connect to the Protect agent and chat via video, audio or text after clicking the button on the main screen of the Citizen application. The iOS version of the app includes an optional protected mode, which provides other ways to link with agents (the citizenship plan will soon introduce “additional features” to Android). You can turn on a feature that will display a prompt to connect to the agent when you shake the device several times.

If you choose to use the distress detection function, Citizen will use “artificial intelligence-driven technology to monitor your device’s audio, which can identify sound that indicates a problem, such as screams.” If the app receives a voice distress signal, it will ask you if you want to connect to an agent. If you do not respond to the prompt after 10 seconds, Citizen will automatically connect you to the agent.

Citizen started in 2016 as an application called Vigilante, designed to remind users about crimes and emergencies. Due to vigilance issues, Apple quickly removed it from the App Store.A few months later, Vigilante was renamed Pay more attention to safety.

The app made headlines again in May, when Citizen Provided a reward of $30,000 Obtain information that led to the arrest of the person who claimed to have caused the wildfire. The citizen confessed to the wrong person, and the police arrested others in connection with the suspected crime.

In the same month, there were reports that the company was found in Los Angeles as a safety vehicle with the Citizen brand. test Private security forces on demand.The company later stated that it would not launch its own such services, but it Do not rule out partnerships With a private security company.

Quick access to a support agent is not a bad idea in itself, but Citizen’s history may discourage some people from purchasing a Protect subscription. It’s worth noting that there are other ways to call 911 cautiously and send messages with location updates to your emergency contacts, such as the emergency SOS feature of the iPhone.

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