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with mine Today I want to introduce a project whose team has set themselves the goal of developing a decentralized dating application. According to the Mio team, this should be significantly different from other dating projects in the blockchain scene. The special thing about this project is the underlying messaging protocol, which was specifically discussed in the video interview.

The basic question that first appeared was why blockchain technology should be used in the field of dating, or what specific added value it brings. Anyone who has tried Tinder or Lovoo will actually find the reason every time they log in: log in via a social media account. For example, you can only use your existing Facebook profile to register with Tinder, which of course means that all user data is passed on and used by the company. Mio now hopes to avoid this completely by combining multiple technologies as the basis of its applications.

However, decentralization is only part of the new features that Mio wants to propose. The basic operation is very intuitive, based on Tinder (such as “swiping” to the left and right as a scoring system), but some new features are proposed: for example, users should watch a short 3-6 second video upload performance. Generally speaking, the embedding of Mio Token (ERC20) should give users more interaction and freedom of choice. Most importantly, application usage no longer depends on monthly paid subscriptions, because users only pay for the actual use of paid features (for some features, some paid tokens should be burned later). By installing the app, you should receive a small amount of tokens. From now on you can earn additional tokens by reporting spam and fake accounts. The fact that Mio tokens are only used to pay or activate certain functions puts it in an exciting state in Finma-in a letter received by altcoin speculators, it was confirmed as a pure payment method . No other tokens have been granted this status.

When developing an application, the team relies on two phases. First of all, some functions should be centralized to avoid the potential scalability problems of the blockchain. In the second stage of development, Raiden should then be used to ensure the rapid operation of all processes. The IPFS platform is also integrated so that users’ images and data can also be stored in a decentralized manner. User messages and chats are handled using Tor-like principles called HOPR (many people may be familiar with Tor browser). This kind of interaction can achieve extremely high levels of privacy in apps-as well as dating apps.

Video interview with Sebastian Bürgel on the new message protocol “HOPR”

As mentioned earlier, the following video interview clearly mentions Hope received. HOPR is an open source project that makes it possible to send messages completely anonymously, without drawing any conclusions about the sender’s IP or system.

If you want to learn more or support the project, you can contact the team via Telegram: http://t.me/mio_decentral.

-Lucas Federer

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