According to reports, Facebook is trying to analyze encrypted data without decrypting it

According to reports, research is underway to analyze the content of encrypted data without decryption. According to reports, the company is recruiting artificial intelligence researchers to study the matter. informationTheir research can pave the way for Facebook to target ads based on encrypted WhatsApp messages. Facebook can also use these findings to encrypt user data without affecting its advertising targeting methods.

This field of research is called “homomorphic encryption” and it relies heavily on mathematics. Microsoft, Amazon and Google are also studying this approach. The purpose of homomorphic encryption is to allow companies to read and analyze data while maintaining encryption to protect information from network security risks and maintain privacy.

Facebook tells information “It is too early for us to consider using homomorphic encryption for WhatsApp.” Facebook can benefit from this technology in many ways. Protecting data without compromising the effectiveness of ad targeting allows Facebook to achieve its business goals while satisfying regulators’ concerns about how the company handles user information. However, it may take years for Facebook to take advantage of homomorphic encryption.

In 2019, Facebook Introduced end-to-end encryption in all of its messaging services: Messenger, Instagram and WhatsApp.Later that year, the U.S., U.K., and Australia To Facebook, urge it not to advance the project, “If the safety of Facebook users and others is not reduced, and law enforcement courts are not provided to authorize access to communication content to protect the public, especially child users.” No matter how you slice, encrypt It is a tricky issue for Facebook, regardless of whether it can analyze the data.

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