Boeing and NASA postponed the launch of Starliner due to unexpected valve problems

Boeing will have to wait again to prove the value of its Starliner spacecraft. The company and NASA planned to launch the capsule on the Atlas V rocket at 1:20 pm on Tuesday at 1:20 pm Eastern Time, but there is no more.

“We are exiting today’s #Starliner Orbital Flight Test 2 launch,” Boeing Say on twitter. company Due to delay “Unexpected valve position indication in propulsion system” engineer discovered during pre-launch preparations. It is not clear whether the issue is related to Starliner or the Atlas V rocket that was supposed to send the spacecraft into space. Boeing and NASA said they will provide an update on the situation on Wednesday, August 4.

“We are disappointed with today’s results and the need to reschedule the launch of our Starliner,” said John Volmer, Boeing’s vice president and project manager for commercial crew planning. “Manned spaceflight is a complex, precise, and relentless endeavor. Boeing and NASA teams will take time to ensure the safety and integrity of the spacecraft and achieve our mission goals.”

Afterwards The first flight went wrong, Starliner should return to space July 30However, after the Nauka module of the new Russian International Space Station accidentally activated the thrusters, NASA delayed the flight, causing the space station to deviate from its typical direction.

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