The vagina museum closed due to demand “exceeding physical capacity”

The world’s first vagina museum faces an uncertain future, because it has not found a new venue, and its lease is about to end.

To raise people’s awareness of its future, a spokesperson for the Vagina Museum in London took Twitter To win the support of the public.

The museum in Camden Market is now seeking public support and asking for help finding a new venue, or failing to donate or store space when the team is looking for a new venue to ensure the safety of its display.

In a tweet posted on Monday, a museum spokesperson said: “We don’t want to dry our sheets in public (unless we show you how vaginal acidity is normal). But what we need to say, we need to ask for your help (Sic). The epidemic in the entire museum department has been difficult. Now the vagina museum is at risk of being homeless.”

The spokesperson continued: “Camden Market will not renew our lease. They decided to turn the vaginal museum site into a clothing store. We have inquired about alternative buildings in the market, but they did not provide any suitable buildings. Purpose .”

We don’t want to dry our sheets in public (unless we show you how vaginal acidity is normal). But we need to say something, we need to ask for your help. This pandemic is difficult for the entire museum department. The vagina museum is now at risk of being homeless.

-Vagina Museum (@vagina_museum) August 2, 2021

A later tweet added: “Last year we have been working hard to secure new venues because the demand for museums dedicated to displaying vagina, vulva, and gynecological anatomy exceeds the body’s capacity. We are actively seeking clues, but we need Choose if none of these succeed.”

The museum team stated that if they can’t find a solution, it “will not exist as a physical space at the end of September”.

Visitors to the Vagina Museum website can now donate to prevent it from being “permanently closed.”

Last year we have been struggling to secure a new venue because the demand for a museum dedicated to the anatomy of the vagina, vulva, and gynecology exceeds the capacity of the body. We are actively seeking potential customers, but if these are unsuccessful, we need to choose.

-Vagina Museum (@vagina_museum) August 2, 2021

A spokesperson for Camden Market told the London-based Evening standard: “We are delighted to welcome the Vagina Museum to Camden Market in 2019. We contacted the Camden Commission directly and obtained a 24-month temporary planning permission to accommodate them.

“Unfortunately, the planning permission is about to expire. Therefore, we have provided a new and larger location to meet the requirements of the business, and the rent is in line with current expectations. This proposal has been rejected, but if we are interested Changes have occurred and I am still happy to negotiate with the team.”

The mission of the museum is to spread knowledge about gynecological anatomy and health, and to eliminate the stigma surrounding the subject.

According to its website, it also aims to promote cross-cutting, feminist and trans-inclusive values.

Weekly newspaper The Vagina Museum and Camden Market have been contacted for comments.

The future of the vagina museum is in jeopardy. In this photo, director Florence Schechter poses for a photo during the press preview of the New Vagina Museum in Camden Market, North London, on November 14, 2019.
Isabel Baby/Getty

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