The Magic Keyboard with Touch ID is now available separately for $149

A few months after the launch of the new Touch ID support Along with the M1 Mac, Apple now sells peripherals separately.Cost of Magic Keyboard with Touch ID And the version with the numeric keypad can be all yours It is worth noting that the Touch ID function is only available for M1-driven Macs.

In addition to helping you log in to your Mac without entering a password, you can also use Verify Apple Pay transactions. Currently, the stand-alone Magic Keyboard only provides standard silver and white color schemes. If you don’t spend money on a new computer, you won’t be able to get it in those trendy designs inspired by the M1 iMac.


Several other Magic accessories have also been updated.standard The Magic Keyboard now has keys for focus, dictation, do not disturb, and emoji, as do models with Touch ID.This At the same time, the shape of the Magic Control Board was adjusted to match the Magic Control Keyboard.

All these accessories, and Magic Mouse is now equipped with a braided USB-C to Lightning cable instead of the old Lightning to USB-A cable. Apple said that these accessories can be used for about a month or even longer on a single charge.

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