Lyft driver convicted of raping a passenger half a mile from home

A driver of Lyft, a California car-sharing service, was convicted of raping a passenger he drove home in 2019.

Jorge Tapiacastro, 45, was convicted of drug use, rape, sexual assault, and illegal imprisonment on Wednesday, July 28. He plans to be charged in a California court on October 1. Sentenced. NBC Los Angeles Monday.

Tapia Castro was convicted of an incident that occurred in the early hours of September 1, 2019, when he drove an unnamed victim home from a bar in Huntington Beach, California.

Court documents show that the woman started drinking after arriving at a friend’s house on the evening of August 31, 2019, where she drank three to five glasses of vodka soda.

At around 9:30 pm, the victim and her two friends left the residence and were transported by a truck to the Bungalow Bar in Huntington Beach Uber driver. According to the prosecutor, the victim drank another three to five glasses of vodka soda while in the bungalow bar.

The victim and her friends stayed in the bar for about three hours. Then she called the Lyft driver to take her home at about 12:30 on September 1. Tapia Castro was at about 20. Pick her up at 12:50 a.m. minutes later

Although the car was about half a mile away from the victim’s home in Orange, California, the prosecutor said that Tapia Castro stopped the car and got in with the woman who had passed out at the time. seat.

Tapiacastro was accused and told the victim that she was “beautiful” and then forced herself to be on her for a few minutes. When the victim got out of the car, the driver got down from the back seat of the car and sat in the front seat.

After Tapiacastro drove out of the area, the victim called her friend and told her she had just been raped and did not know where she was. According to the prosecutor, she subsequently called her husband and told him the same information.

The woman’s husband then managed to find the victim and drove her home, before taking her to the local hospital.

After examining the victim, medical professionals found evidence linking Tapiacastro to rape. He will be sentenced in California on October 1.

Had Several incidents of violence and sexual assaultIn the past few months, Lyft and Uber vehicles have suffered various accidents because the driver and passengers are both victims. From the shooting arrive Violation of COVID authorization.

In order to manage a Nearly 1,000 allegations of sexual assault be opposed to Uber And Lyft Drivers, a San Francisco-based law firm called for mandatory cameras for ride-sharing vehicles in July. There are currently no plans to compulsorily install cameras in vehicles.

Weekly newspaper Lyft has been contacted for comment.

The Lyft logo is displayed on a car in San Francisco, California on March 11, 2019. A driver of Lyft, a California car-sharing service, was convicted of raping a passenger he drove home in 2019.
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