Blizzard president “steps down” in sexual discrimination and harassment lawsuit

Blizzard Entertainment’s leadership has changed dramatically since California Sexual discrimination and harassment litigation. The studio president named in the lawsuit, J. Allen Brack, is “Step down“From his role. Executive Development Vice President Jen Oneal and General Manager Mike Ybarra (also Former Xbox executive) Will succeed him as co-leader.

The company did not formally explain the reasons for its withdrawal, but expressed its hope to change the company’s culture. It said Oneal and Ybarra will work hard to make Blizzard the “most enthusiastic place to work” and help “rebuild your trust.”

Braque previously stated in a company email (shared go through BloombergJason Schreier), he opposes harassment and “brother culture”.As Mass overwhelming famousHowever, California accused Braque of “not taking effective remedies” to curb the company’s sexual harassment. The executive allegedly had many conversations with employee Alex Afrasiabi about his alcoholism and harassment of women, but did not provide more suggestions to try to correct this. behavior.

Blizzard certainly faces pressure to change its leadership. Workers hesitate In the developer’s Dismissive initial reaction To litigation, prompting Strike protest. Activision Blizzard CEO Bobby Kotic even marked the early reaction As a “deaf-mute person” And promised to act quickly to improve the company’s culture. In light of this, Braque’s departure is not surprising at all-it is one of the fastest and easiest actions the company can take.

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