Police hunt down man with neck tattoo after 3 people were shot dead at home in South Carolina

After three people were killed in South Carolina, the police are pursuing a suspect with a tattoo on his neck.

On Monday, the police responded to the shooting in Greenwood County. Jeffrey David Powell is suspected of shooting a man, two women and wounding a child.

A press release from the Sheriff’s Office said: “It is not clear at this time the identity of the victim and the motive for the shooting.”

The Greenwood County Sheriff’s Department issued the following statement regarding the ongoing pursuit of Powell.

“Look out for a 36-year-old white male, six feet tall and two hundred and fifty pounds. The male suspect has a large tattoo on the front of his neck. This suspect is considered armed and dangerous. If you see this Please stay away from the person described. Please call 911.

Powell’s tattoo includes a star in the middle of his neck and lines on both sides of the star.

Crime scene videotape pictures.
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The announcement of the raid drew some comments and reactions on social media.

one Facebook The user said, “Pray for all participants.”

Another user said: “God heals our country and keeps people away from evil.”

WYFF 4 News interviewed a resident living in an area where the crime occurred.

“I tried to stay around the house until they caught this person because you never knew it,” Furman Green said. “Pray for all families, victims and everyone. I just want them to catch this person. They need to catch him.”

Greenwood County Sheriff Dennis Kelly told WYFF 4 News that there is a relationship between the parties, but more information about the incident is being collected. Policemen The motive for the violent crime has not been announced.

Since 2020, there has been a surge in violent crime in South Carolina. “We have seen an unprecedented level of violent crime,” said Stan Smith, deputy director of the Richland County Sheriff’s Department. Say To WLTX news. “If we continue to track, we will have more murders than ever before, which shocks us.”

Between January and June 2020, the Richland County Sheriff’s Department reported that there were 42 shooting incidents that resulted in 10 casualties. There were 68 shooting incidents during the same period this year, resulting in 18 deaths.

There were 11 shootings in the neighboring city of Lexington County between January and June 2020. There have been 16 shooting incidents so far in 2021, and 4 of them have died.

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