Ron Johnson called on the Republicans to run for candidates for the local office: “Take back our culture”

Wisconsin Senator Ron Johnson urged Republicans Election for public officials at all levels, let party members “take back our culture.”

In a speech at the Wisconsin Republican State Congress on Saturday, Johnson said that he believed that Republicans were too concerned about the federal election and ignored the need to run for local public office.

“Trickling elections,” he said, according to Capitol Times“Take back our school board, our county committee, our city council. We will take back our culture. We don’t have to be afraid of this anymore.”

Johnson emphasized the need to stop Democratic Party Fundamentally change this country, saying that he is “more panicked” about the situation in the United States than ever before.

Senator Ron Johnson called on Republicans to run for candidates at all levels of public office instead of focusing on federal elections.
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“Left-wing leaders talk about fundamentally changing the country,” he said. “You even like, let alone love, something you want to fundamentally change? America is not perfect; we have the original sin of slavery, but we have made progress. We keep improving. This is okay for the left. not good enough. “

Johnson also spent a large part of his speech urging party unity and criticizing the Democratic Party. He described the Democratic Party as an angry party trying to impose its progressive values ​​on reluctant conservatives.

“We will not do this by getting angry. We will not do this by imitating something. [liberals] “He said. “We will do this by letting light penetrate the darkness.”

The senator reviewed several recent face-to-face confrontations with his “extremely profanity and indecent” critics.

A group of people celebrating June in Milwaukee Booing and questioning Johnson Last Saturday, he spoke to reporters at an event. This incident occurred after Johnson opposed the June festival as a federal holiday in a bipartisan bill last year.

Johnson said he supports this holiday, but doesn’t think federal employees need another paid leave. “I don’t want to give a speech about me, I just want to talk about what is happening in our culture,” he added.

Philip Schulman, spokesperson Democratic Party Wisconsin, criticizing Johnson’s speech statement“Ron Johnson once again showed the Wisconsin people that he only cares about realizing his personal ambitions, not doing what is in their best interests,” Shulman said.

Last week, Johnson – an outspoken critic who previously supported the authorization of vaccines for unproven coronavirus drug treatments –Facing strong opposition from health care experts After he announced plans to hold a press conference to discuss the adverse reactions caused by the COVID-19 vaccine. Critics say such activities will serve as a platform for disseminating misinformation about the safety and effectiveness of vaccines.

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