The former governor of Illinois, who was released from prison by Trump, filed a lawsuit to run for office again

Former Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich filed a lawsuit on Monday, claiming that his state House of Representatives was impeached. Senate The 2009 trial was unconstitutional and he should regain his right to serve in Illinois.

“The problem is very clear,” Blagojevic told reporters on Monday. “It’s about voting rights and due process.” He told reporters that his prosecution was “dishonest” and out of context, politically motivated He was removed from office.

Blagojevic filed a lawsuit itself, This means that he will act as his own lawyer, even though he was disqualified from being a lawyer after being interviewed by reporters outside the Dirksen US court in 2020-he was convicted in 2011. He has repeatedly stated that he has no specific plan to run for any position, but has refused to exclude it.

Blagojevic served as governor of Illinois from 2003 to 2009 and was impeached by the state House of Representatives for abuse of power and corruption. The state Senate then voted to remove him and prevent him from holding political office in Illinois.Separately from these hearings, he received federal indictments related to various corruption allegations, including attempts to sell seats in the U.S. Senate, which were then vacated by the then election Barack Obama. After serving 14 years of imprisonment that began in 2011, the then President Donald Trump Sentence reduction in 2020.

Blagojevic said on Monday that the 2009 State Senate resolution disqualified he Taking office in Illinois again is “a masterpiece of impeachment manipulation designed by the Speaker of the Illinois House of Representatives Mike Madigan.” He is now seeking a permanent injunction from a federal judge to declare the resolution unconstitutional.

Blagojevic’s lawsuit stated, ” [Illinois] House impeachment hearings and the subsequent Senate trial violated due process and the Constitution,” and in doing so, robbed Illinois voters of their elected governor.

According to reports, from abc7Blagojevic, who worked with the documentary film crew, stated that his lawsuit claimed that he was not allowed to subpoena and question witnesses during the impeachment proceedings, nor was he allowed to play all the huge undercover agents. FBI Recordings, he said it makes them unconstitutional.

Among the more memorable public recordings of the impeachment trial, there was a call recorded by the FBI. Blagojevic could be heard mentioning the open seats in the U.S. Senate. He said: “I got this thing. It is Fuck gold. I just don’t give it up for the fuck.”

The former governor of Illinois, Rod Blagojevic, filed a lawsuit on Monday, claiming that his impeachment and trial in the State House of Representatives in 2009 were unconstitutional and that he should regain his right to serve in Illinois. On August 2, Blagojevic spoke to the media outside the Dirkson Federal Court in Chicago, Illinois.
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Over the years, Blagojevic has done a lot to keep the public eye.During impeachment and imprisonment, he appeared in Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice reality show. He also tried to appear in reality TV shows, I am a celebrity…let me get out of here! But was denied a travel permit to Costa Rica.

Since Trump’s sentence was commuted, Blagojevic said he has been making money on the Cameo website, where he records personal information to make money.

Weekly newspaper Mr. Blagojevic was contacted through his booking agent for comments.

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