Official who received a $25,000 bonus from the COVID relief fund resigns

After the board of directors voted to use federal COVID-19 relief funds to pay bonuses to employees, the chairman of the Michigan County Board of Directors resigned, which included a bonus of $25,000 for the chairman himself.

Jeremy Root, the former chairman of the Shiawassee County Committee, will remain on the board of directors, but will no longer serve as its leader.

The board of directors voted on July 15 to decide to use $500,000 in federal COVID relief funds to reward county employees with at least $1,000 in “hazard pay” bonuses. The Republican committee voted 6-0.

The committee members reacted differently to the bonus, with some approving and some opposing it. According to WEYI, a commissioner, Marlene Webster, stated that she did not realize that the bonus would also be issued to the commissioner.

“I was angry because I felt blinded. I would never vote for myself more than twice the amount received by county employees. I immediately arranged to withdraw funds from my account in the form of a cashier’s check,” Webbers In particular.

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Shivasi County, Michigan, committee chairman Jeremy Root resigned as chairman of the board of directors after committee members voted 6 to 0 through the use of federal COVID relief funds to provide themselves with “hazard pay” bonuses, including Give yourself a bonus of $25,000. Root and colleague Cindy Garber defended the bonus.
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Root’s resignation as chairman of the Michigan County Legislature is the latest consequence of his decision Give yourself a $25,000 bonus Use federal COVID-19 relief funds and reward others in the community.

“The entire county government needs major reforms. The integrity of the board of directors has disappeared. There is no way to restore it,” Owasso’s Daniel Law said at a rare Sunday meeting that attracted more than 200 residents.

Root did not attend the meeting, but his resignation letter has been read to the public.

Root, who received $5,000, and his colleague Cindy Garber (Cindy Garber) defended the bonus.

The commissioners changed direction on July 23 and stated that they would refund the money.In addition, a judge last week Xialing county After a lawsuit alleges that the commissioner violated the public meeting law when the funds were approved, any bonuses in excess of $5,000 were recovered.

Joe Biden approves the relief bill
A county committee in Michigan voted to use COVID relief funds to provide bonuses to county workers (including themselves). Above, President Joe Biden discusses the American rescue plan in the Roosevelt Room of the White House in Washington, DC on February 27.
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