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Learn about Ember 3.26 version, the updated version of Unstable Ember Language Server and the overview of plug-ins.

Ember 3.26 version released April 12, 2021.Some bug fixes are patched in this version ember-source with ember-cli. It also introduces several deprecations ember-source readying Ember 4.0 to be released.

We encourage you to take the time to resolve deprecated patterns in apps and plugins.This Deprecation guide An example of how to update the code is provided.

Here are 3 quick tips about what you can do for Ember 3.26:

  1. To perform route conversion in the controller or route, inject router Service and use it transitionTo or replaceWith method.You can check API guide Learn more about router service.

    For new code, use router The service should not cause problems. However, when you update existing code, your application may behave differently when routing transitions occur. Before any updates, write tests that cover expected behavior.

  2. When you call <LinkTo> Components with angle brackets use named parameters to improve code readability.Parameters include @route, @model, @models, with @query.

  3. If you use Ember Data in a controller or route, please inject store service.

Need help upgrading your application?You can Ember Forum or #help Channel open Man disharmony.

A new version Unstable Ember language server Posted thanks Suttadoshi (@suchitadoshi1987) with Alex Kanunnikov (@lifeart).

Unstable Ember Language Server is a VSCode extension that provides VSCode users with functions such as auto-complete, go to definition, and Ember project diagnosis.Although the name contains the word “unstable”, it is very stable Is actually a branch The original Ember language server project.

This recent version added Batman Grammar Support (namespace) to Unstable Ember language server So try it on your VSCode today!

Overview of plugins🙌

We want to highlight some recent events on the Internet! Check it out and try it! 😎

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