China shares video and audio of its Mars rover

America is not the only one sending Video from Mars. Space news report China has Released Video and audio of the early landing of the Mars Rover Zhu Rong on the Red Planet. The clip covers landing as well as deployment and initial movement. There is also a panorama showing how far Zhu Rong has walked from the landing platform (approximately 774 feet in total).

versus Perseverance from NASA, You shouldn’t expect a symphony of aliens. You are mainly listening to the sounds of mechanical devices and wheels on the exit ramp, and the thin atmosphere of Mars will also distort the results. However, Martian audio is still extremely rare, so mission personnel cannot be completely picky.

There is no doubt that this video has as much rights as bragging rights. Zhu Rong is part of China’s first truly independent mission to another planet, and China undoubtedly hopes to highlight its achievements in as much detail as possible. However, between this and perseverance, it is obvious that Mars exploration has changed in recent years. Providing only a few photos is not enough-the audiovisual experience is increasingly becoming the standard of the course.

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