CNN’s Brian Stewart accused Fox’s Sean Hannity of “poisoning” and “authoritarian” language

CNN’s Brian Stelter recounted the past week’s Fox News host Sean HannityThe show accuses his cable news opponents of “authoritarian attacks” on any and all critics of the former president Donald Trump.

Hannity has been accusing critics for years, including Democratic Party to CNN The host is a member of a “left-wing crime family,” but Sturt urged Americans on Sunday not to “be numb to such abusive language.”This Reliable source The host speaks language from colleagues from Hannity and Fox News Tucker Carlson It is not an opinion, but a joint effort to radicalize the far right in the United States.

Stewart said Hannity, like Trump, “exercises power” by portraying a “toxic” view of the country.

CNN’s Brian Stelter stated that the content provided by the pro-Trump media led by Fox News host Sean Hannity provided the basis for the conspiracy and made viewers Satisfied with violence.

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“Don’t be numb to this kind of abusive language. Because it is through this language, it is through these insults, through these attacks that Hannity can exercise power,” Stewart said on Sunday. “His dark, terrifying language is fundamentally authoritarian. It softens the foundation for campaigns such as’Stop Stealing’, which is Trump’s actual strategy for stealing elections. It portrays anyone who disagrees It’s illegal, not American.”

“The militant base of the Republican Party is listening to toxic propaganda,” Sternt continued. “Now from Sean Hannity (Sean Hannity) more than Trump… Annoying little words like this: socialist, stalker, weakness, failure, hellhole .”

Hannity was charged last week New York Times Authors Ben Smith and Maggie Haberman became “TRUMP STALKERS” in a clip, which prompted Stelter to mock the fact fox To hire your own online journalists, they obviously must fit the same description.Stewart also mocked Carlson for listing doctors as part of the “medical cartel”, and Hannity repeatedly mentioned the president. Joe Biden As a “presidential straw cup.”

Charles Adler, who served as the guest host of Hannity nearly 20 years ago, made harsh comments on the Fox News channel’s “Opinion” host on Twitter on Saturday, especially It is their criticism of the public health experts of the epidemic: “There has never been an authoritarian regime that is not aimed at scientists. Any media organization that has always done so will support authoritarianism, even if the main goal is to make billions of dollars. If the clamor of authoritarianism is not If it is profitable, we will have less.”

Stelter reiterated on Sunday that Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp and his sons now run the media company, and they laugh all the way to the bank-and in doing so intensify the right wing.

“This is not an opinion, what Hannity did… Defensive Fox for decades,” Stelter said. “Hannity is spraying poison. Condemns democratic norms like freedom of the press-that is poison. Corrupting public discourse is poisonous, and the Murdoch family makes it happen every day.”

Stelter said that OANN and Newsmax just adopted the format of Fox News and made them more and more aggressive towards right-wing consumption.

Weekly newspaper Contacted Hannity’s show representative and Stelter for any other comments.

Fox News host Sean Hannity speaks with President Donald Trump at an event in Las Vegas, Nevada, September 20, 2018.
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