Ember JS framework accepts GAAD commitment

When we join Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD) As we celebrate our tenth anniversary, we are happy to announce, Ember JavaScript framework Accepted GAAD Commitment Make accessibility the core value of our framework.

For those familiar with the project, this is not surprising. It is no secret that we believe that accessibility is an integral part of quality code. Ember.js Committed to providing a bright path for the success of developers, our plan is to make it easier for developers to write accessible code, and this is part of it. In 2020, Ember Accessibility Strike Team becomes Ember Accessibility Working Group, Demonstrating our commitment to the long-term accessibility growth of the framework.

What we have done so far

Ember has also been improving the “default accessibility” developer experience. These improvements include changes to the default application language (RFC Mime private 635), the default page title (RFC Mime private 645), Add to Contents of the guide Specifically for accessibility, change Website design For better accessibility, and add accessibility-related linting rules Ember template lint. Members of the Accessibility Working Group also released two new plug-ins, Embers Context ID Assistant with Embers choose light, To provide developers with more tools to make accessible code.

our plan

Looking ahead, we plan more work related to accessibility.Two RFCs have been merged to target specific improvements; one addresses a way to more easily associate elements with only the unique id attribute in the template component (RFC) Mime private 659), the other proposes an interactive way to create new Ember applications, ensuring that accessible results are cutting-edge and central (RFC Mime private 638).

We will continue our journey of accessibility, make more improvements to the guide essays and code examples, and make targeted improvements to the design of the guide and API documentation.Our goal is to reach Obtain WCAG AA level compliance on our official project website, We are determined to complete this work.

How can you help

We also invite everyone to help make Ember a more accessible framework. There are many ways to participate! Here are some ideas:

Today, through the GAAD Commitment, we reaffirm our commitment to accessibility. As we continue to improve Ember, accessibility is an integral part of our core values. No matter where you are in your accessibility journey, we invite you to take a closer look at Ember and learn about the many ways that the framework supports developers to build high-quality applications that are accessible to everyone.

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