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Some time ago, I asked me from a different direction if I want to update flu virus Can write. Here are some updates to the project.

It all started with the successful ICO of the “Fluz” app in early 2018, where investors can purchase FluzFluz tokens. Using this token, you can purchase so-called Tier 1 and Tier 2 seats within the app in order to participate in cash back royalties as much as possible.The application is currently complete and available for Google play-And in app Store download. In addition, the ecosystem has been further expanded by creating Fluzcoin-a currency created specifically for retailers, and premiums in the app are also paid.I have the opportunity to talk to Stefan Krautwald, the co-founder of these projects again

Interview with mit Stefan Krautwald, co-founder of Fluz.app and Fluzcoin

As: Hi Stephen, thank you for taking the time! Maybe you will tell more about what happened to you.

SK: Fluz.app was initially launched in the United States and is available for everyone to download from related stores. Thousands of users have downloaded the application. Ultimately, as a result of the Krypo community project, we now have a fully functional cashback application on the market, where retailers are represented online and offline. Therefore, American and international consumers can purchase gift cards with attractive rebate rates.

The platform is already equipped with network functions, which gives Fluz a unique selling point in the cashback market and has great potential, especially for pioneers who can establish a shopping network and benefit from the daily consumption of friends and acquaintances. In addition, the cashback token Fluzcoin (FLUZ), which is part of the Fluz ecosystem, has brought its holders a transaction fee reduction of the partner exchange XBalboa, and will activate various privileges in the Fluz application.

As: In Fluzcoin, the concept has undergone some changes. What are they and why do they exist?

SK: Fluzcoin was conceived before the “crypto winter” and claimed to be an algorithm-controlled stablecoin. Based on the market situation and community feedback at the end of last year, we decided to position Fluzcoin as a modern currency. The Fluzcoin smart contract based on Ethereum has a fixed amount of 204 million tokens in circulation.

As: Many crypto projects went bankrupt last year-what makes Fluz different?

SK: Several factors: On the one hand, based on the free consumer network combining the sharing economy and cashback, we did not envision the theoretical problems of niche markets, but the focus of daily consumption problems that everyone can understand. In addition, Fluz currently has a strong and active community that discusses the progress of the ecosystem daily internationally. We always try to keep open with the community as much as possible and openly talk about the progress of the project. In this way, we have created a “big Fluz family” in a sense. Personally, the community keeps me thinking every day, constantly checking whether our methods have the potential for improvement.

As: How do you see the evolution of the Fluz ecosystem and what will happen to us in the future?

SK: The journey has just begun! We have of course reached a very exciting time, because we are now no longer discussing the Fluz ecosystem at the white paper level, but seeing it really take off. The goal of all of us is to turn Fluz into an international consumer network and to witness the continuous development of the community. Newcomers, including those from the German environment, are of course always welcome.

Disclaimer-Note on conflicts of interest: The author or a part of the creative team invests in the above cryptocurrencies themselves or will invest in them (this will appear under each article by default because it may be an investment after the article is published).

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