According to reports, Apple is exploring an iPad with a large display

the strong 12.9-inch iPad Pro May look very humble in the future. according to to 9to5Mac, BloombergMark Gullman claim In his latest “Power On” newsletter, Apple is exploring an iPad with a larger display. Any potential products are still in the early stages, and if it continues, it may take at least “a few years” to ship. Nevertheless, it is worth noting that Apple is considering expansion-since the introduction of 12.9 inches, it has not risked more than 12.9 inches. Original iPad Pro In 2015.

Gurman has previously rumored that the iPad Pro will be redesigned in 2022, with a glass back cover that can support wireless charging. However, the screen size is not expected to change.

A larger iPad may be risky. Many people think that the current iPad Pro is too big when it is not connected to a keyboard, and larger models may be more clumsy. When someone complains that iPadOS does not make full use of the existing iPad hardware, there may not be much benefit from the added visual reality restatement.

However, Apple may not be the only one considering expanding the scale.According to reports, Samsung consider (If not actively developing) A 14.6-inch tablet, it can easily surpass a 12.4-inch tablet Galaxy Tab S7This does not include occasional niche models like existing Milky Way series. If the oversized iPad continues to develop, it may be like anything else to resist competition.

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