A talented and loyal Olympic gymnast

This month, 18-year-old Minnesota native Grace McCallum (Grace McCallum), as a member of the US women’s gymnastics team, came to Tokyo with the US team. As a gymnast, Grace joins Teammates Simone Biles, Sunisa Lee, Jordan Chiles, Jade Carey and MyKayla Skinner.

As a member of the US Olympic gymnastics team, Grace is obviously an extraordinary athlete. Grace started her gymnastics career in 2006 and has won numerous sports honors.She is one twice World Team Championship, The United States balance beam bronze medalist, the United States all-around bronze medalist.

Grace’s undeniable talent, inspiring professional ethics and unwavering dedication to sports enabled her to realize her dream of participating in the World Championships. Olympic Games.

But in addition to Grace’s athletic ability and character strength, she is also a confident and inspirational woman.

Grace’s Catholic faith is the key to her success in the gym. She realized that God had given her an extraordinary gift.In the interview CBS Minnesota, she Say, “I have the talent that God has given me, and I want to do my best to show people what I have been given.”

Grace said that praying helps keep her grounded and focused.she travel Her grandmother gave her a rosary and a special cross, which brought her peace and tranquility.

Tokyo, Japan-July 25: Grace McCallum of the United States team participates in the Women’s Qualifying Tournament on the second day of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games held at the Ariake Gymnastics Center in Tokyo, Japan on July 25, 2021 Balance beam competition.
Lawrence Griffith/Getty Images

Grace’s belief not only helped her achieve great success, but also helped her overcome the major challenges in sports that are demanding physically and mentally as an athlete.

Six months before the Olympic trials, Grace fractured her hand. The balance beam injury requires surgery, a plate and seven screws to stabilize the bone in Grace’s hand.

At that time, Grace believed that this injury meant that her dream of participating in the Olympics was shattered. But she continued to work hard and persevere in adversity.she Training every dayAccording to her coach, she continued to practice, promote and patiently believe that her efforts were not in vain.

All of Grace’s hard work and determination have paid off. Now, just a few months later, she has realized her dream and will participate in the US team game in Tokyo.

Grace McCallum (Grace McCallum) demonstrated courage, humility and perseverance, is an incredible model of world-class athletes. Her firm conviction and extraordinary dedication are inspiring.

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