Vienna Zoo celebrates one year old cute quadruplet cheetah

Four cute and playful Cheetah The quadruplets just spent their first birthday at the Austrian Zoo, enjoying the warm weather in the outdoor enclosure.

Two females Sibaya and Malkia and two males Tuli and Paka live in the oldest zoo in the world Tiergarten Schönbrunn Zoo In Vienna, they completed a year on June 22.

“Four people are almost as tall as their mother. Sometimes you have to look at it to tell them apart [their mother] Afra,” said Stephen Hering-Hagenbeck, director of the zoo.

The zoo director reported that the four-headed snake lives alone without the care of its mother. They have eaten as much as an adult cheetah-eating up to two 4.4 pounds of meat a day.

After living in Vienna, Austria for a year, cheetah quadruplets eat up to 4 kilograms (8.8 pounds) of meat a day—the same diet as an adult.
Daniel Zupanc / Zenger News / @chudds_ / TikTok

“Their mother no longer needs to stare at them all the time. The four siblings hop around and chase each other until the air is full of dust,” said Falco Barfanz, the head of the zoo department.

In order to celebrate the first birthday of the bear, the zoo conducted an experiment to test whether big cats like to snuggle in an oversized carton like a house cat.

The animals quickly tore them to pieces.

“Our cheetah was very curious and approached the unknown object suspiciously. The lively young man sniffed the box, then took them away and tore them apart,” Barfanz said.

Cheetah is classified as “vulnerable” International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) Red List of Threatened Species, But after a recent study showed a significant decline in numbers, scientists called for cheetahs to be listed as “endangered species.”

Cheetah in Vienna
A grand celebration was held for the first birthday of the cheetah quadruplets at Schönbrunn Zoo in Tiergarten, Austria.
Daniel Zupanc/Zenger News

This Cheetah Tiergarten Schonbrunn Zoo is part of the EAZA Ex-situ Program, which was previously called European Endangered Species Project.

EAZA is the organization of the European zoo and aquarium community, linking more than 340 member organizations in 41 countries/regions. Its mission is to promote cooperation to advance regional collection planning and wildlife protection, mainly through the coordination of wildlife breeding programs.

According to the goal of the plan, two cheetah males, Tuli and Paka, will be transferred to other zoos after they reach one and a half years old, and their female siblings, Sibaya and Malkia, will stay in the Vienna Zoo for an indeterminate period of time. time.

This story is provided by Newsweek Zenger News.

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