Trump chooses Ken Paxton over George P. Bush in the Texas AG race between his allies

Former president Donald Trump Has announced support for the current Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton (Ken Paxton). On Monday, Trump posted a letterhead detailing his support for Paxton.

“Attorney General Ken Paxton has always stood bravely on the front lines of the battle for Texas and the United States, against the vicious and very dangerous radical left. Democratic Party, And the stupid and unsuspecting RINO that is destroying our country,” Trump said.

“Ken is strong in crime, border security, the Second Amendment, election integrity, and most importantly our Constitution. He loves our army and our veterans. Patriots like Ken Paxton need to be like Patriots like Ken Paxton have come to advance the American priority policy, “make America great again.” Ken has my full and complete approval, and he will once again serve as the Attorney General of Texas. He is a true Texan, he will protect the safety of Texas-never let you down! “

Former President Donald Trump supported the current Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in the Republican primary elections. Paxton is competing with George P. Bush, who is the only member of the Bush family to publicly support Trump.
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Paxton and George P. Bush are currently in a fierce battle for the next Texas Attorney General. Paxton became the Texas Power of Attorney in 2015. He re-opted for the second semester in 2015.

Paxton has always been a staunch ally of Trump.Earlier this year, he filed a lawsuit in the United States Supreme Court During the 2020 presidential election, the allegations of voter fraud in Pennsylvania, Michigan, Georgia, and Wisconsin were not credible, so they opposed Biden.Paxton supported the former president and filed a lawsuit against the Biden administration on a proposal Freeze deportation And again revoke the 2019 presidential license granted Used in Keystone XL pipeline.

Bush currently serves as the Commissioner of the Texas Land Administration. He is the only member of the Bush political dynasty who publicly supports Trump.

“When you look at my policy, I’m all about America first. Trump is the center of the Republican Party,” Bush said Fox News Prime Time June 10. “I am my own person and I support him. We need to inherit this legacy and seize the lightning he brought to the Republican Party so that we can help all our fellow citizens. Republicans Veto vote. “

When Bush was asked about any objections he might receive from his family, he made it clear that regardless of political differences, family is still his primary consideration.

“I think we are like any American family, where we have different opinions, whether it is about President Trump or about hot issues,” Bush said Fox News.

The Texas Attorney General election will be held on November 8, 2022.

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