Tesla built and shipped 200,000 cars in the second quarter, breaking its own delivery record

Tesla seems to have gotten rid of the production dilemma suffered during the COVID lockdown last year. The company announced a number of “new significant records” on Monday’s second-quarter earnings conference call. Not only did Tesla build and deliver 200,000 vehicles this quarter, an increase of 151% over the previous year, but also its net income during the same period reached $1.1 billion—a 10-fold increase from the same period last year. Overall, revenue increased by 98% over the same period last year, thanks in large part to Tesla’s increased deliveries, although the company did suffer a $23 million “Bitcoin-related impairment” in the last quarter. “.

In addition, Tesla launched 85 MW worth of solar power generation capacity in the second quarter, an increase of 215% from 25 MW last year, and added nearly 1,000 superchargers to its expanding network.

In terms of technology, Tesla’s use of radar as part of the vehicle’s fully automated driving system will soon end.The company wrote: “After selling more than 1 million radar-equipped cars, we have collected enough data to start removing them in certain areas. Its shareholder deck“Because we have collected a large number of corner case data sets, the radar has been removed, allowing us to focus on the vision and accelerate the pace of improvement.”

The company is also getting closer to switching to the new 4680 batteries, Has successfully verified the “performance and life” of battery technology at its manufacturing plant in California. With the end of the test, Tesla is focusing on “improving the 10% manufacturing process that is currently the bottleneck of production”, although the company has not announced when the battery style conversion will actually take place.


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