Six policemen killed in clashes between two states in India India News

According to reports, more than 70 people were reportedly injured as the leaders of Assam and Mizoram accused each other of causing fatal violence.

On Monday, the conflict between the two states of India killed at least 7 people, including 6 policemen, and injured more than 70. The weeks-long territorial dispute in the northeast of the country became deadly.

For decades, leaders in Assam and neighboring Mizoram have been arguing over the border issue, and they blamed the deadly violence on each other.

“When the gangsters from Mizoram opened fire, we lost six policemen and one civilian at the Assam-Mizoram border,” Assam Chief Minister Shimanta Biss Va Salma told Reuters.

He wrote on Twitter: “This is sad, unfortunate, and fully illustrates the intent and seriousness of the situation.”

Since Mizoram officials claimed that the Assam police had taken over a border post last month, tensions between the two countries have been increasing. Monday’s clash took place near the town of Vairengte.

Although the chief minister of Mizoram State Zoramtanga did not confirm the death toll, he said in a statement that after 200 policemen from Assam “forcibly passed” a duty post, some people opened fire. .

Zoramthanga, who uses only one name, also claimed that Assam police damaged vehicles and attacked unarmed civilians, including a tourist couple.

The two chief ministers launched a social media campaign and shared videos that showed civilians holding batons clashed with police, cars and vans were overturned, and another person and a couple were in a car with broken windows and windshield. .

Call for intervention

The two heads of state called on Indian Interior Minister Amit Shah to intervene on Twitter.

The Shah tried to end the tension that formed last month. Indian media said he called the two ministers again on Monday to try to end the violence.

Mizoram was part of Assam until it was split in 1972. It became a state independently in 1986.

Mizoram said that the area claimed by Assam has been used by its people for more than 100 years, but the Assamese insist that large tracts of land have been forcibly taken.

Assam is governed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), while regional parties allied with the BJP govern Mizoram.

Since India’s independence in 1947, the remote and resource-rich northeast region has been a hotbed of ethnic tensions.

Dozens of tribal groups and rebels demand greater autonomy or independence from India.

The boundary between the seven countries in the region is not clearly demarcated, leading to frequent land and asset disputes.


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