SiriusXM’s premium VIP plan provides the right to use two cars at a price of $35 per month

Sirius XM Reveals a new $35/month plan It allows you to listen to more than 300 channels of the service from two cars and log in to the SXM streaming application on both devices at the same time.Subscribers will pass Platinum VIP The plan includes the opportunity to participate in some exclusive events with artists and celebrities.

The program includes access to more than 5,000 soundboard-quality concert recordings. You can also view 250 program recordings selected from the library of the live concert streaming service The lineup includes shows from Bruce Springsteen, Phish and Pearl Jam (they all have SiriusXM channels) as well as shows such as Wilco and Metallica.

Platinum VIP seems to be SiriusXM’s family plan, live concert recording and other privileges make the deal even sweeter. For subscribers who own more than one car, this plan may be better than having two platinum plans at $22 per month.

Although every media-centric company is fighting for customers’ time and money, SiriusXM’s target user types are Spotify and Apple Music. It has some high-profile exclusive stations, including from Howard Stern, And things like Pandora Station Competitions against several major sports.However, Spotify has significantly expanded its non-music products in the past few years, investing in such podcast And club style Voice chat room.

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