With the increase in COVID cases, Georgia City has become the latest city to reinstate the requirement to wear masks

According to the Associated Press, Savannah, Georgia, has restored the rule that people wear masks in public because the COVID-19 infection rate in Chatham County has “dramatically increased.”

Savannah Mayor Van Johnson announced at a press conference on Monday that everyone must wear a mask when staying indoors with people who are not directly relatives.

Johnson said that this authorization does not apply to schools and universities. However, according to the Associated Press, he urged agencies to take similar measures to reduce the county’s infection rate, which has almost tripled in the past two weeks.

After the Ministry of Public Health recorded a surge in cases last weekend, the transmission rate in Chatham County was as high as in March. In addition, according to the Associated Press, the number of new infections was about 9 times higher than at the end of June, and the number of cases across the state was nearly 5 times higher than at the end of last month.

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The Mayor of Savannah, Georgia, Van Johnson announced on Monday that the city will restore the rule of public wearing of masks in the event of a surge in COVID in the county. US First Lady Jill Biden delivered a speech after Alfred Lee Smith (C) received the Johnson & Johnson COVID-19 vaccine. US Senator Rafael Warnock (left), Democrat-GA and Johnson (right) Watch Alfred’s vaccination facility at E. Beach High School in Savannah, Georgia, July 8, 2021.
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As more aggressive delta variants spread across the country, about 60 leading medical and health industry groups have called on healthcare employers to require their employees to be vaccinated against COVID-19, and some communities have reported an increase in the number of unvaccinated people in hospitals , Disturbing.

These groups include the American Medical Association, the American Academy of Nursing, the American Public Health Association, and the first time joining the nursing home industry group. LeadingAge, which represents non-profit nursing homes and aged care facilities, has previously advocated education about the benefits of vaccinations for nursing home employees.

“Unfortunately, many healthcare and long-term care workers are still not vaccinated,” the organization said in a statement. “We support more and more experts and institutions to support the universal vaccination requirements of health workers.”

In Massachusetts, at an emergency joint meeting on Sunday, Provincetown officials approved a requirement to wear masks indoors to combat the epidemic in the tip-top resort of Cape Cod.

Officials said the new cases originated from the busy weekend of July 4. The cluster has grown to more than 550 cases, some of which are caused by more infectious delta variants. Of the new cases, about 70% of people were vaccinated, and most had no or only mild symptoms. Only three people need to be hospitalized.

Outside the United States, the enforcement of France’s new virus passes may pose logistical challenges for restaurants and other venues, but managers and diners hope that this will help avoid a terrible lockdown again.

Under the helm of La Brigade, a pocket steakhouse in the fashionable Oberkampf district of Paris, Noémi Arevalo can’t imagine having to struggle with another weeks-long closure.

She told the Associated Press behind the counter: “We are more willing to abide by the rules and be stricter with our customers, rather than having to shut down and be unable to work.”

The French parliament approved a law earlier on Monday that requires special virus passes for all restaurants and domestic travel, and mandates that health workers be vaccinated. To obtain a pass, people must be fully vaccinated, test negative for the virus, or prove that they have recently recovered from COVID-19.

The government’s measures triggered protests and political tensions.President Emmanuel Macron His government stated that as infections rebound, they need to protect vulnerable groups and hospitals.

French COVID regulations
The French parliament approved a law requiring all restaurants and domestic travel to require special virus passes and requiring all health workers to be vaccinated. On Monday, July 26, 2021, a waiter wearing a mask to prevent coronavirus serves on the terrace of a restaurant in Paris.
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