Iran’s new president has a record of anti-Semitism

Elder Zion’s AgreementIt was forged by Russian intelligence agencies in the 19th century to make the Jews a scapegoat for the suffering of the Empire. Since then, it has stirred up hatred for more than a century. protocol It catalyzed anti-Semitist harassment, attacks, and massacres, and helped lay the foundation for the massacres.For more than a century, the Anti-Defamation League and Other experts Have caveat that protocol It’s just vicious lies and anti-Semitism conspiracy theories.

And Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi played a role in promoting protocol As part of an ongoing movement to demonize and legalize Jews.

This information recently discovered by ADL is closely related to the world’s consideration of whether to return to the Iran agreement and what constitutes a “longer and stronger” agreement. Raisi’s past record shows us that the strong hatred of the Jewish state is not abstract, but a major feature of his career.

To be clear, Raisi is far from being a humanitarian.He received a lot of attention Report Against humanity. There is ample evidence that he was one of four judges who oversaw the execution of thousands of members of Iran’s opposition groups, including women and children, in the late 1980s.An analyst Recently written His humble personality and criminal record evoked Hannah Arendt’s banal notion of evil.

Iranian President Ebram Resi holds a press conference in the Shahid Beheshti Conference Hall on June 21, 2021 in Tehran, Iran.
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In 2016, Raisi was appointment The Astan Quds Razavi Foundation is led by the Supreme Leader of Iran. In this capacity, he oversaw the production of a 50-episode documentary promo protocolThe documentary was broadcast on Iranian TV and distributed to pilgrims in a major religious shrine Under his control, Imam Reza Temple in Mashhad, Iran, resting place of the eighth Shiite imam. The Holy Land is the main religious site visited by 20 million pilgrims every year before the pandemic. according to Iranian records submitted to UNESCO.

Although before the foundation Publish with Promotion hard copy version of protocol And continued to do so during his tenure. Under Raisi’s leadership, it also used new media to amplify the spread of anti-Semitism. protocol. About a year after Raisi took over, the foundation Announced plan For documentaries Elder Zion’s Agreement.

In 2018, the movie “Devil’s Plan” was released, the foundation Hold a press conference In one of the historic courtyards of the shrine.The director of this movie tell The reporter said that the Jews, “the leader of this false front”, were in protocol “Over the past few centuries, they have compiled their most complete plan to rule the world of demons.” This film explains the necessity of “eliminating” them. He condemned the “hands of the Satanist party, that is, global Zionism” and said that the film will be broadcast on the foundation’s television network and public television.

Posters of the documentary, including the logo of the Razawi Foundation in the Holy City of Astan; Tasnim News Agency, June 23, 2017

The foundation subsequently issued a Newsletter It was announced that its 50-part documentary will be provided in CD format to pilgrims visiting the Temple of Imam Reza and distributed to audiences in the cultural program of the foundation.

Raisi left the foundation when he was selected as the head of the Iranian judiciary in 2019, but the foundation continues the anti-Semitism project that it pioneered during his leadership.For example, a few weeks after Raisi left, the foundation Announce In a competition, participants will be asked about the content of the agreement film to better teach the “methods against Satan’s tricks.” The public is invited to participate in the competition online, and pilgrims are encouraged to use the special drop-in box of the Imam Reza Temple to submit answers.

As the head of the foundation, It is said that As the largest holding company in eastern Iran, Raisi is responsible for developing a major heritage site to spread vicious anti-Semitism and using its financial resources to spread this incitement to Jews.

But even after he left the foundation, Raisi continued to incite hatred conspiracy theories and even violence in his public statements.Last year, he Allegedly The United States and “Global Zionism” are plotting to conquer all Muslims, pulling the ropes of the global media empire, plotting cunning plans in think tanks, and plotting to insult the Prophet Muhammad.With him cheer To other terrorists, it declared that “all Zionists know that Hezbollah will drop such rockets and bombs so that no one in Israel will be safe.”

Raisi’s history of spreading hatred has made the double danger of US-Iran engagements regarding its nuclear activities clear. On the one hand, real progress through this system will be difficult to achieve, especially now that Raisi’s elections have erased Iran’s supreme leader Ali Khamenei’s novel may be offset by a less provocative Iranian president. But on the other hand, given how terrifying the prospect of nuclear weapons falling into the hands of such cruel and hateful people, these revelations also highlight the urgency of such negotiations.

Obviously, there is no simple answer to this dilemma.However, we found that Raisi was responsible for systematically disseminating Elder Zion’s AgreementOne of the most dangerous pamphlets in history is a disturbing reminder of the involvement of the Iranian government and leaders in inciting anti-Semitism. This news seems to confirm the deep anxiety of the Israelis and other countries in the region about the rise and militarization of Iran.

Biden Administration Recent interruption The spread of Iranian false information and prejudice by websites supported by the Iranian government is a positive step, even if these websites have resumed activities.What is needed now is that the current administration bluntly recognizes that the Iranian regime is still the biggest supporter of anti-Semitism, and that the Trump team is actually Got it rightOn this basis, the government should issue a strategy to limit and resist Iran’s initiatives to incite hatred and violence against Jewish communities around the world.

The destruction caused by the dictator wielding from Hitler to Stalin to Khomeini protocol All of us should be forced to take seriously the threat represented by the Iranian regime, which is bent on acquiring nuclear weapons and financing terrorism throughout the region. Raisi is responsible for this work as the perpetrator of crimes against humanity, and no responsible country should receive him for state visits or any formal talks. Now, the United States and all world powers must work together to ensure that he will not commit crimes against humanity again.

Jonathan Greenblatt is the chief executive officer of the Anti-Defamation League.

The views in this article are those of the author.

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