Matt Gates says Democrats are “afraid” of Trump running for the next speaker of the House of Representatives

Florida State Representative Matt Gates Already suggested Democratic Party “Afraid” of any possibility of the former president Donald Trump Will run for the next speaker of the House of Representatives.

Gaetz made the remark following Pennsylvania Democratic Representative Brendan Boyle’s introduction of the MEMBERS Act, which would require that only elected members or delegates be eligible to serve as the Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“The Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives is the second successor to the U.S. President,” Boyle said in a statement to the press last week. “Donald Trump’s name will even be thrown around in the people’s house as a potential speaker. This should be a wake-up call. Our current requirements need to be revised in the name of protecting our country and our democracy. Therefore. , Our law should authorize the Speaker to be a member of the U.S. House of Representatives.”

On Monday, Gates accepted Twitter Comment on the proposed legislation.

“They are scared,” Trump loyalists wrote in response Fox News host Sean HannityTweet about the proposed legislation.

The Constitution stipulates that “the House of Representatives shall elect (sic) their Speaker and other officials”-it does not specify that the Speaker of the House of Representatives must be a member of the House of Representatives.

Technically, legislators can nominate anyone they want during the roll call at the beginning of each session. CongressHowever, to date, this role has never been played by an outsider.

In 2015, the secretary of the House of Representatives stated that the Speaker “has always been (but does not have to be) a member of the House of Representatives.”

David Forte, a constitutional scholar at Cleveland State University, said: “For the most populous House of Representatives, it is unthinkable if its leaders are not allowed to be part of the representatives elected by the people.” National Broadcasting Corporation News at the time.

If the MEMBERS Act is passed and signed into law, only elected members of the House of Representatives would be able to become the Speaker of the House.

In recent months, some Republican lawmakers and commentators have suggested that if Republican lawmakers regain power in the 2022 midterm elections, Trump should be appointed speaker.

Former Trump adviser Steve Bannon Tout this idea first Trump campaign Congress He took over as Speaker of the House of Representatives in February.

Gates himself even Vow to nominate the former president He will be the next speaker when speaking to the crowd at the Trump rally in Sarasota, Florida, on July 3.

“After the next election cycle, when we take back the House of Representatives, when we send [current Speaker] Nancy Pelosi Back to the filth of San Francisco, my promise to you is that my vote for the Speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives will go to Donald J. Trump,” the Republican congressman said.

Trump also hinted that he would Consider running for a seat in the House of Representatives in 2022 Strive to become the Speaker.

Trump was asked about this idea in an interview aired on June 4th by Wayne Allyn Root, the host of the far-right radio station.

“Why not, instead of waiting until 2024, I hope you can run for 2024, but why not run for the U.S. Congress in 2022? A seat in the House of Representatives in Florida,” said Rutte.

“Win a big victory. Lead us to a dramatic and overwhelming victory. Get 50 seats in the House of Representatives. Then you become Speaker of the House of Representatives, leading the impeachment of Biden and starting a criminal investigation against Biden. You will eliminate both of them for the last time. year.”

Trump replied: “That’s it-it’s so interesting.”

“Do it! You will become a folk hero!” Root added.

“Yes, you know it’s funny,” Trump said. “But you know what, your idea might be better. It’s very interesting.” Right-wing observers first reported these remarks.

Although Trump proposed the idea of ​​running for the White House again in 2024, his spokesperson confirmed that he did not want to run for Speaker of the House of Representatives.

“[Trump] There is no desire to become Speaker of the House,” Trump spokesman Jason Miller told Punchbowl News in June.

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