The man sneaked into the Kanye West album party and got a better seat than Kim Kardashian

TikToker shared a video that he seems to have sneaked into Kanye Westof Donda The album listening party on Thursday.

At an event held at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, West and his separated wife premiered his 10th studio album, making headlines Kim Kardashian Among the participants that night.

After the event, the video of TikTok user Thornton Drury was shared Twitter, Showing that he allegedly evaded security and entered the venue after processing the pass in Photoshop.

Drury, who has more than 56,000 followers on TikTok, said in the video: “So I decided to sneak into Kanye West Donda Atlanta’s album listening party.

“I don’t care about it or don’t have enough time to process the voucher in Photoshop today, and I caught a photo of the voucher. So I have to go back to the car and process it in Photoshop.”

“The photos I got were not enough to use as a source, so I had to make it from scratch,” he continued, showing a video of his every step. “The picture is from the T-shirt they sold at the merchandise booth. I took a picture from Twitter, printed it, shredded it, and posted it on me.

Drewry then saw walking into the stadium and he said: “From now on, it’s just confidence and fast movement, so they can’t see the pass.”

Someone saw the security team bring Drew into the venue, and he later said to the camera: “Baby, it’s like a charm!”

Although he explained that he did not record footage of other gate checks he was asked to pass, Drew then shared a video of himself seeing West.

“I ended up on the floor,” Drewry said. “I’m still carrying my professional camera, so the security guard won’t think twice. So I thought, why not get as close as possible? As you can see, I’m very close-my seat is bigger than Kim Kardai Shan is good.”

This video has been viewed more than 1.6 million times on Twitter and ended with a slide show of some photos taken by Drewry at the event.

Drury’s video appears to have been deleted from his TikTok account, even though he shared West’s photo at the listening party in October Instagram.

At the listening party Donda-The release date has not yet been determined-Attendees heard guest performances by many musicians, including Jay-Z, Lil Baby, Pusha T, Playboi Carti, Roddy Ricch and Travis Scott.

Weekly newspaper Representatives of Mercedes-Benz Stadium and Kanye West have been contacted for comments.

TikToker shared footage of himself sneaking into Kanye West’s “Donda” album listening party in Atlanta on Thursday (pictured). West was at the event.
Neil Mockford/GC Images/Kevin Mazur/Getty Images for Universal Music Group

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