Turtle Beach’s first gamepad combines its audio expertise with excellent ergonomics

Every gaming accessory company has one thing it is good at, such as the Corsair and its keyboard or Razer’s mouse series. Turtle Beach Known as a premium headset manufacturer, but this has not stopped it from expanding its products, starting with its first gamepad, Recon Controller. It is happy to still incorporate the company’s audio expertise.

This is a compatible wired controller Xbox X series|second and one and also Windows 10As a sofa gamer, I have never really been excited about the need to be chained, but it makes up for it with its excellent feel. The grip is covered with tactile gray material, and the triangular grid helps to drain heat and sweat from the palm. But what I really like is the textured buttons-the shoulders, triggers and back buttons are covered with bumps to prevent fingers from slipping off. They also feel great, so much so that I often find myself playing a scout controller, even if I don’t play games.

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The main function of Recon Controller is its audio controls, located in a small panel on the top of the gamepad. One of my editors said it looks like a modern interpretation of the Mad Catz unit, well, he is not wrong. It’s not very attractive, there are too many buttons, and it looks over-designed.

All these cumbersome buttons provide a range of options for making sound from the headset you plug into the controller. There is the usual 3.5mm port on the bottom, so it can be used with almost any headset, provided you have the right cable.I use Scout Spark, A set of sturdy and cheap cans, has been a daily driver in my office for several years.

Turtle Beach Recon Controller white

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There are two switches on each end of the trapezoidal control panel, the left one adjusts the volume, and the right one handles the balance between game audio and chat. They are far enough on the controller so that you don’t accidentally press the X and Y buttons. However, the buttons on the panel itself are so tight that if you overshoot, you might hit one of the controls in the middle.

This is not ideal, because the two big buttons are the mute function (not something you accidentally touch when communicating with your teammates) and the “Superman Hearing” button. The latter is a new feature that enhances smaller sounds such as footsteps, so you won’t miss anything.The effect is not as obvious as it promised, because I didn’t notice a huge change after playing for a few rounds Between usBut of course there is no harm in having it, and the effect may vary depending on the game you are playing and the headset you are connected to.

Turtle Beach Reconnaissance Controller

Chris Nordus/Engadget

Between these two buttons is another toggle button with multiple functions. You can adjust the EQ presets between default, bass, bass/treble, and vocal settings. You can also adjust the intensity of the gamepad’s vibration and the sensitivity of the thumb rocker. It’s great to be able to adjust these things on the fly, without having to fiddle with the setup program. The biggest disadvantage is that it is not immediately clear what the icons represent. I have to consult the description and try to use them before I really understand it.

In general, I am satisfied with the performance of the controller, and I prefer its ergonomic design. I’m just not entirely sure if they are worth dealing with wired controllers and headphones when you are used to using wireless.

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