Can the United States beat China in the Olympic medal game?China leads

The comparison and competition between China and the United States seems to be an eternal process. From the world’s most powerful country to trade wars and political confrontations, there are often more conflicts than resolutions between these two superpowers.

Former president Donald TrumpAfter imposing tariffs on Chinese goods, it criticized Beijing for improper handling of the COVID-19 coronavirus originating from the Wuhan laboratory. As the pandemic seemed obvious, he even banned travel from China to the United States.

Then comes the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. Many legislators have called for a boycott on the grounds that the human rights of Uyghurs in the northwest of the country have been violated and China’s treatment of Mongolians and Hong Kong people.

The sports field is another fierce battlefield.

This makes everything go well for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics Olympic Games, Delayed by one year due to the coronavirus. China and the United States are expected to be among the top two or three countries in the total number of medals.

The Chinese lead early on both the total medal and the gold medal. The following is a forecast of the total number of gold medals, which also includes the host Japan, the United Kingdom and the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC).

Forecasts show that before the start of the eighth day of the 2020 Tokyo Summer Olympics, the number of gold medals in the United States began to slowly increase.
Pictures from Newsweek

The United States is the only country in the history of the modern Olympics that has won at least 1,000 gold medals. This is the achievement the Americans made at the 2016 Rio de Janeiro Summer Olympics. Before Tokyo, the Americans won 1,022 gold medals (2,522 total medals), which is more than the sum of the next two countries: Russia and Germany-including the Soviet Union and East Germany and West Germany combined.

In the past two Olympics (London 2012 and Rio 2016), the United States has won the most medals and the most gold medals. China won the second most medals in 2016, second only to the United States with 50 medals, but only 20 gold medals were missing.

In London, the United States has 8 more gold medals than China, and the total number of medals is only 13 more.

The last time the Americans did not win a gold medal battle was in 2008, when China led by 48 gold against the Americans with 36 gold. Among them is the American Michael Phelps who won eight of the victories in the Beijing Olympics.

This year’s game may be tense again, with the Chinese team taking a total score of 11-10 and a 6-4 gold lead, after just two days of medal games (Katy Ledky and Caleb on Sunday night). Drexel swimming and aiming for the gold medal of the American men’s archery team). The Olympic Games started on Friday, July 23 and will continue until the closing ceremony on August 8.

Due to the four-year suspension for doping charges, the Russians will not have a complete team this year, but some of their compatriots will participate in the name of the Russian Olympic Committee (ROC) instead of under the Russian flag.

The absence of the Russians will win more medals for other countries.

Sino-U.S. Olympic Flag
The 2020 Tokyo Olympics men’s 10m air rifle finals will be held at the Asaka Shooting Range in Nerima District on July 25, 2021, in the Tokyo area.
Photograph by TAUSEEF MUSTAFA/AFP via Getty Images

The Chinese performed well in winning five medals for shooting and three medals for weightlifting. They also had a gold medal in fencing, a springboard diving championship, and a bronze medal in the men’s 68 kg class in Taekwondo.

The Chinese will likely sweep table tennis, continue to dominate men’s and women’s diving, threaten the Americans and the Republic of China in gymnastics, and win more medals from swimmers and track and field athletes.

The U.S. team had an unstable start, losing both the men’s basketball and women’s football teams. The women’s gymnastics team finished second after Simone Biles’ performance on the rest day.

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