Trash Talk Ariane Tittmos smashes Katie Ledkey in Olympic swimming

For a long time, swimmers and swimming coaches in Australia and the United States considered themselves to be the best in the swimming industry, so much so that they reserved their own swimming competition points in order to Olympic Games.

The competition between the two countries in swimming is epic. A game held in Tokyo on Monday proved that the competition is far from over. On Monday, the young Australian Ariarne Titmus defeated the great Katie Ledecky in the 400m freestyle final held in Tokyo (Sunday night in the United States), laying the foundation for this year’s Olympic swimming competition. .

This is one of the most anticipated swimming competitions in this year’s Olympics, which can be traced back to the 2019 World Championships and the Olympic team trials of each country last month.

Titmus, located in lane 3, trailed Ledecky (lane 4) in the first three quarters of the race. Titmus defeated Ledecky in the 300-350 rounds of the competition. She surpassed herself in the final 50 meters and won the gold medal.

Titums took the lead in 3 minutes and 56.59 seconds to touch the ball, leading Ledkey by 0.67 seconds. Chinese player Li Bingjie won the third place with 4:01.08.

Titmus played the best game of her career, which was enough to beat Ledecky’s second best career, second only to her world record. Ledecky’s time is the fourth fastest time in women’s 400m history.

In the women’s 400m freestyle final on the third day of the Tokyo 2020 Olympics on July 26, 2021 in Tokyo, Japan, Ariane Titums of the Australian team and Katie Ledki of the U.S. played after the match reaction.
Photo by Alberto/Getty Images

This is the first final in Ledecky’s busy Tokyo schedule, including the 200m and 1,500m finals on the same day this week.

Ledecky has won a lot of gold medals in her freestyle load and is a prohibitively popular candidate, but the early silver medals are shocking. She is kind in failure.

“When I saw her there, I thought it was 300,” Lederki said after the game. “She swims really well.”

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