Dune Books and Graphic Novels Release Panel Comic Con 2021

Part of the cover of the second novel

Part of the cover Lady Karadane, The second novel in the latest Sand Dune trilogy.
image: Tor books

I have read Frank Herbert’s dune When I was a teenager, it ran through my imagination like other books before it.I covered dune San Diego Comic-Con @ Home’s book and comic panel.

The virtual SDCC team is composed of Brian Herbert And Kevin J. Anderson (Kevin J. Anderson) and a few dedicated to different dune project. In attendance were Bill Ransom, Christopher Morgan of Tor Books, Charlotte Greenbaum of Abrams ComicArts, and Jonathan Manning of BOOM! Studio and audiobook commentator Scott Brick.In the beginning, Anderson and Herbert shared the details of the latest trilogy, Last year’s San Diego Comic-Con @Home.

The trilogy centers on the Atreides family, who are on the planet Caladan, their hometown before Alakis, and are designed to clashed with events in Frank Herbert. dune. Duke of Karadan focus on Duke Leto Atredes, And the second novel, Lady Karadane, Is about Mrs. Jessica, scheduled to come out in September. Finally, we will see a story centered on Paul Atredes at the end of the trilogy, Caradan’s heir, It will debut in the fall of 2022.The group also spent some time teasing the upcoming dune Graphic novels. Charlotte Greenbaum, editor of the Abrams ComicArts graphic novel series, briefly introduced the expectations for the comic adaptation of Frank Herbert’s work.

Dune Graphic Novel

Dune Graphic Novel
image: Abrams Comic Art

first part dune The graphic novel series was released last fall, with illustrations by Raul Allen and Patricia Martin. This book is a national bestseller, and was named the third best graphic novel in 2021 by the Library Administration. With such a positive response, Abrams is making a large-scale luxury version to be launched in October 2021. The second volume of the series will premiere in July 2022.Next up is Jonathan Manning, editor Dunes: House Atreides In the Boom studio. He revealed a variant cover of the manga-issue 8 is coming soon, the last of the second arc. In August 2021, Boom will start working on the third arc with issue #9.

Dune: House Atreides variant cover

Dune: House Atreides variant cover
image: Prosperity Studio

Of course, the film adaptation dune Released this year, these works can only benefit from the extra focus on franchising. This movie stars Timothy Chalamet as Paul Atredes, Rebecca Ferguson as Lady Jessica, and Oscar Isaac as the Duke of Leto.This Movie was delayed Due to the new coronavirus pandemic, from December 2020 to October 2021. If you want to see the panel in person, you can find it below.

Lady Karadane It will be released on September 21. Villeneuve dune Finally arrived at the theater and HBO Max on October 22.

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