Fear of The Walking Dead Season 7 First Look at 2021 Comic Con

In Fear the Walking Dead, a very dry zombie man in a cable-knit sweater is stunned at the camera.

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The last season of AMC Afraid of walking dead Really wipe the slate as clean as possible: it actually ends in multiple Nuclear explosion Will be closed. Because of this, no one can guess the current situation. But fortunately, the cast and staff of the show appeared at San Diego Comic Con @ Home 2021 to talk about suspense and learn more about the seventh season. The walking dead The prequel is entering.

Lenny James, Alicia Debnan-Kerry, Coleman Domingo Danay Garcia, Jenna Elfman, Karen David, Mo Collins and Christine Evangelista all appeared in the next step of the panel discussion Afraid of walking dead. Next comes a brand new apocalypse, because the first eight episodes of Season 7 will be aired on October 17th. After the nuclear explosion, everyone will have to learn how to survive again-radiation has changed the way the walkers operate, the way humans operate, and basically everything people know about these roles and the universe. Fans can take a quick look at the first clip, which you can watch here.

Speaking of the greater impact of the end of the sixth season into the seventh season, The walking dead Scott M. Gimple, the chief content officer of Universe, said that the characters who took off in a helicopter at the end of last season are mainly about their specific stories, but will have some greater cosmic impact. In addition, it was confirmed that the nuclear explosion did occur before the events of other programs, and that some characters in these programs were aware of this. But will they cross? “It’s possible,” he said. But added that they are still far away.

Another piece of news in the group is an original star of the show, Alicia Debnan-Kerry, Will direct an episode this season. “This is another creative aspect that I want to explore for a long time,” she said. “I’m nervous, but it will be great.” The rest of the group focused on each actor, and they set up tables for their roles in the past and in the future.You can watchHe is in the full panel of this link But this is the second clip, focusing on what Teddy (John Oliver) has done in the past and how it will perform in the future. Talking is creepy.

basically, Afraid of walking dead This year is changing. important moment.Influence from Crazy Max, the mountain has eyes, Never-ending story, Even wrestler. It starts on October 17th.

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