Lucifer Netflix Panel Season 6 Details

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) did some martial arts sword practice in the fifth season of Netflix Lucifer.

Lucifer (played by Tom Ellis) practices his swordsmanship in the fifth season.
image: John P. Fleno/Netflix

This Long awaited Second half Lucifer Season 5 Arrived On Netflix Late May, so not much A big fan of DC Comics Except endlessly wondering about the sixth season, the last part of the series. The San Diego Comic-Con @ Home team of the show knew this and arranged its show for Luci fans accordingly.

Tom Ellis, The cheeky demon himself sat down Lucifer Executive producers Joe Henderson and Ildi Modrovich decide what’s next (ingeniously, Luke Cook, he’s in different Netflix series-Sabrina’s shocking adventure-Is the moderator of the group)Due to production delays related to the new crown virus, the fifth season was broadcast in two parts, exploring the very complex dynamics that occur when a tired God (Dennis Heathbert) visits the earth and announces his intention to retire. Prompted his son Lucifer (Ellis) and Michael (and Ellis, with an American accent) to argue about who would get the show as his substitute.In addition, there are various other Lucifer Pranks-including the deaths of some key characters, Musical and romantic reunion, and there is even time to take some crime-solving and glamour shots in Los Angeles.

“This is very beneficial because we have been sitting on this story and this journey for so long, and Finally arrived already Share with everyone and see everyone’s reaction, and revel in the results and incredible performanceon the screen–awesome,Henderson talked about finally launching the rest Enter the world in the fifth season. This is the complete panel. If you haven’t watched the entire content of Season 5, it does contain some spoilers.

There are some interesting things in the fifth season-the musical series got a lot of attention-A sort ofnd big props Lucifer Actually spend time including some Fan questions in the panel (Even if they are “other than Lucifer, what role do you most want to play”? ” type). But the news of the sixth season is the main attraction, and the group announced that it will unexpectedly land on Netflix soon: September 10. Other details are not very specific-one or two favorite guest stars will be back; Amanadir (DB Woodside) will pursue new Career of the Los Angeles Police Department; and She (played by Amy Garcia) possible at last Learn the truth about Lucifer.

widthThe host Cook asked if Lucifer would really have all the power of God. As the fifth season of suspense implies, Henderson was vague: “I think this will be the first When we start the sixth season, our character will ask these questions. “

“He has a lot of mysteries to solve in season six,” Ellis said of his role. “He has grown up a lot, he is still in the process of growing up, but I think this is a classic of’be careful what you want’. Because he In the fifth season, I did convince myself a lot of things, but when the things you think about actually happen, it often feels very different. So this is the problem that Lucifer found himself​​, In the sixth season. “

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