Audi hopes its off-road hybrid will win the 2022 Dakar Rally

The wishes of the Volkswagen Group Shatter records with electric cars Now expands to one of the toughest off-road challenges in the world. Automatic blog report Audi has start testing The RS Q E-Tron is a hybrid off-road vehicle from the ground up. It hopes to achieve a full victory in the 2022 Dakar Rally. If so, this will be the first electric car to win fierce competition.

RS Q E-Tron relies on an electric drive system with two modified electric formula motors, one for each axis. However, due to the lack of a charging station in the desert, Audi uses a TFSI engine ready for the race as part of the energy converter to charge the battery while driving and braking. Therefore, this is not a zero-emission car, but it stays within a relatively efficient power range (between 4,500RPM and 6,000RPM), which should reduce the impact of racing on the environment.

The machine should also be highly adaptable. Unlike many electric vehicles, the front and rear axles are not mechanically connected-instead, the torque distribution is handled by software. This not only allows a central differential that is easy to reconfigure, but also saves the volume normally used for traditional differentials and drive shafts.

Audi plans to enter the machine into multiple off-road rally races in 2021 before participating in the Dakar Rally in January.

If Audi succeeds, the RS Q E-Tron will provide a stronger reason for the environmental endurance race. Although it is not a pure electric vehicle, it will handle extremely long phases (up to 500 miles) and significantly reduce the emission footprint. You won’t be surprised to hear that Audi wants more than just bragging rights. It hopes that the lessons learned from the car can be applied to mass-produced cars.When the Volkswagen Group was established, we would not expect something similar to a drivetrain Transition to electric vehiclesBut it’s easy to imagine Electric SUV And crossovers that are more suitable for off-road.

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